Njegos Mausoleum – Montenegro

Njegos Mausoleum – Montenegro

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Njegos MausoleumNjegos Mausoleum

Njegos MausoleumNjegos Mausoleum

Njegos MausoleumNjegos Mausoleum
KML: lat – 42.39935 lon – 18.83712

Njegos, or king Njegos to his friends. Perched himself at top the mountain to look down upon the whole of Montenegro in legacy.

Wing mirrors be warned, this is a single lane duel for most of the way. Added hazards included boulders mountain goats, sun (in eyes).

Took a Turkish Coffee at the restaurant at the summit. Seated looking West, the views are great and the coffee wasn’t bad either.

The Mausoleum itself costs €2 to get in.

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