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Spongbob Squarepants

Spongbob Squarepants

Whilst I was in Sao Paulo there was a street riot.

Some of the market trader types which over-run the center of Sao Paulo town were set apon by the police which turning into a running street battle, traders v police.

The evening news
When I returned to my hotel that night there were pictures of the traders burning what was left of their illicit goods.
One of the images that will stick in my mind is a burning Spongbob Squarepants effigy being held aloft and marched through the streets of Sao Paulo by angry market traders.

Central Sao Paulo
Most of the center of Sao Paulo is given over to the poor, downmarket traders and streetpeople in general.
Santiago Chile was dangerous at night, central Sao Paulo is pretty much a no-go area at any time of the day or night.

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It’s certainly not the nightlife here, I’m talking about the moquitos landing on your ears as you try to sleep.

Here’s a picure of some beer.

For you youngsters out there, I know you’re reading: Skol was endorsed by beer drinking viking Hagar the Horrible & his mates; chanting “‘Skol, skol, skol, skol..skol, skol, skol, skol..(etc.)’ whilst rowing a giant viking raft.

Rowing stops and when it re-starts Hagar exclaims – “hang on, I’ve forgotten the words”.


What a classic.

Seems it has re-emerged here in the developing world.
Perhaps they’re finding it easier to market over here.

Barra de Lagoa

Barra de Lagoa

Have two options:

Accommodation in the city.
Accommodation on the beach – Bara de Lagoa – at the estuary to one of the lakes.

Not a stinky polluted muddy affair but a sparkly blue cristal clear version.
There are fish in it.

Perhaps that is one of the things you notice in south America, how much wildlife is still in the sea and sand air and land.

Some blokes come to the beach later on and catch razor back eels.
The whole village turns out at the peir to watch the blokes fishing for eels.

Some have rods.
Some use nets which they cast out and let sink to the bottom catching on the way down.
When they catch, they smash the eels heads on a rock or stamp on them.

I have got a picture.


These are not eels.

You may have noticed.

These are the little fish which the eels try and catch.



Florianopolis is an island 180km in length, 60km wide made up of a couple of freshwater lakes and some of the best Atlantic surf to be had on the south coast.

There are many surfers here.

Arrive in bus station ’bout two in the afternoon.

Am approached by two Brazillians trying to get me to take accoms.

Change some cash. ARG$ to BRA$, rates are bad.

Banking Brazil
Most banks in Brazil won’t accept either Visa or Mastercard.

They are not part of an international network.

This makes taking cash out a hit and miss affair.

Honk Kong Shanghia are usually a sage option accepting Maestro,stitch Visa and Whatever.

Passing into Brasil

Passing into Brasil

Have taken this picture at the customs office as we are passing from Argentina through to Brasil.

It’s a mural, pieces of work by school children in a kind of star arrangement.

Don’t know what it means.

Spose thats the idea.