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Month: November 2017

20th November update

20th November update

Just a short video about some changes made to the boat.

I’ve fitted these now.

They’ve been on for a few weeks.

The boat has warmed up.

If I take it in fuel terms, I’ve used about 40% of the fuels I would usually use since fitting these devices.

That’s about 50% fuels savings in the week.

Well worth the £12.

I don’t wake up with a cold head now!

I really need this for the forthcoming cold winter.

Whilton -> Braunston

Whilton -> Braunston

I’ve been here two weeks, but only just moved onto my ‘winter moorings’ today.

Braunston winter moorings
Braunston winter moorings

It doesn’t look to great at the moment, but the boat in front is moving along, so I’ll get his spot.

It’s brighter, with a view through the trees at Braunston Church.

Braunston vs Devizes

Devizes, where I winter moored last year, was right in the middle of a town.

This is on the outskirts of a village, along with one other person. In Devizes, there were at least 5 others.

Braunston is a historic village. Although I’ve not researched the level of this, architecture points to the fact that there was a diverse and specialised workforce, mostly supported by the canal.

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