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New Years Walk

New Years Walk

With Kerri and the Kids.

Calm Long Down
Calm Long Down, Dursley and the River Severn

And Kerri’s new husband, Craig. Irelia. Kerri facing up the slope. Finn hidden behind the trees.

Uley Bury
Descending from Uley Bury in the muddy forest.

Very muddy walk.

Kerri has a heart attack

Kerri has a heart attack

My little sister, Kerri, had a heart attack 2 days ago and was rushed to hospital.

She’s the same age as me.

Small arteries

This was pretty unexpected. She has a unique condition which has led to one of the smaller arteries feeding her heart becoming inflamed and starting a nervous reaction leading to pain and pressure in her chest and arms. Commonly known as a ‘heart attack’.

She pointed out exactly where the problem lied.

Here’s a diagram.

heart diagram

As far as I know, one of the arteries, as pictured in the diagram has become damaged. Not Blocked. But damaged.
Whether her heart sustains damage remains to be seen.

Little Sis
Here’s a picture of sis for those that have never seen her.

kez heart attack victim

Let’s hope she gets well soon…