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Weedon Bec -> Dodford

Weedon Bec -> Dodford

Or thereabouts.

In the fields really.

Very nice and placid.

It’s nice being able to draw the curtains and not have gongoozlers look onto your boat all the while.

I have some nice orchids growing outside my window. It’s close enough the I can see the insects moving up and down the stems. Closer to nature, I guess they say!

A45 Weedon Bypass

Has been completed. Last November to be exact.

Flowers of conciliation are now growing across the earthworks.

Weedon Bypass A45
Flowers grow on the Weedon Bypass A45

It was definitely noisier last year when their were less plants to absorb the sound and vibrations.

Can hardly hear it now.

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Flore -> Weedon Bec

Flore -> Weedon Bec

Moving up past the waterpoint and sewage farm.

More into the center of the village.


Since putting the solar panels and buying a new PWM controller for the portable panels, I’ve only been having to start the engine to move the boat.

Solar PWM controller
Solar PWM controller

What I used to have to do every morning for 2 hours. I now do only every other week for about 1 hour.

What’s left is free energy.

By 6pm at night, there is a lot more left, meaning I can watch TV and do those other things I want to.

By 9am the next morning, the batteries are full again.

Who can say this isn’t good value?

Government increases tax rate on domestic solar panels to 20%

The government is trying to discourage people from using these by increasing the VAT on them to full rate, whilst a VAT reduction remains for other fossil fuels energy items such as gas, diesel and coal.

Goods or servicesVAT rate
Electricity for domestic and residential use or for non-business use by a charity5%
Gas for domestic and residential use or for non-business use by a charity5%
Heating oil for domestic and residential use or for non-business use by a charity5%
Solar panels for domestic and residential use or for non-business use by a charity20%

Just shows how serious our government is about renewables and climate change.

Thankfully, I’ve got my panels now and I won’t be paying this charge.

The charge comes in in October, so it’s time to getting fitting your panels now.

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Nether Heyford -> Flore

Nether Heyford -> Flore

Or Stowehill, whichever way you want to see it.

Moved into the bad weather. Been buying logs and coal.

Mooring here is on pins, technically, but I managed to get chains behind the railings.

It’s opposite the campsite.

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Blisworth -> Nether Heyford

Blisworth -> Nether Heyford

Just moving the boat.

Last stop was Gayton, before I put it in the marina.

There’s one possible stop, near Anchor Farm, then straight through to Nether Heyford, because stopping at Bugbrooke isn’t an option.

Easter Weekend

It’s Easter Weekend, possibly the most busy time for hire boaters.

Began washing Bonnie yesterday – cleaning all the winter grime off with a scrubbing brush.

Took me 3 hours to do the roof.

Still got to do the cabin, gunwhales and decks.

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Gayton Junction -> Gayton in the Fields

Gayton Junction -> Gayton in the Fields

Due to some nefarious action on my database, I seem to have lost one of my posts.

Not to worry, it’s out there somewhere, and no doubt if I get bored enough, it will return!

Trip to Nepal

I’ve been trying to prepare the blog for my forthcoming trip abroad by putting some sort of header to make it easier to navigate as my trip progresses.

For the database, this created some problems in parsing any kind of requests, and when I went to make some alterations to the appearance of the site, all my requests timed-out.

I tried disabling plug-ins and running wordpress Vanilla, as it were, which had a slight effect, but still with severely limited functionality. Re-installed. Etc.

I contacted my hosts, Kualo, (you can find them here, ), to ask whether they could offer any guidance.

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Blisworth -> Stoke -> Blisworth

Blisworth -> Stoke -> Blisworth

Only spent 2 nights in Stoke Bruerne. The rest was over the Christmas period during which I was out visiting people.

Stoke Bruerne

Has two pubs. Amongst other things… A water-point, and the pathways and car-park access is simple to the boat, with many visitors on a daily basis making it safe and easily accessible and a good place to leave your boat for a few days unattended.

I unloaded and loaded the boat in Stoke, (with Christmas gifts), then took the tunnel back to Blisworth.


Stoke Bruerne


This time I’ve decided to moor in the village, rather than further down on Station Road, which is probably about 1/2 mile.

It’s fairly quite, and apart from the odd walker and yapping dog, it’s pretty much silent.

Moored boats in Blisworth

I’ve been here a few days.

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Gayton Junction -> Blisworth

Gayton Junction -> Blisworth

Only moving down a little bit.

This is the place closest to work, so I’m here until after Christmas to make things easier.

It’s roughly a four mile drive to Amazon from here.

16 miles less than the same time last year.


I went to the pub/restaurant, the Walnut Tree the other night.

They had a band on, which was quite entertaining. Just playing some soul/pop covers.

Free to get in.

No problems.


Is quite noisy.

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