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PADI – Open water course

PADI – Open water course

Started PADI open water course today.

The course lasts from 3-4 days depending on experience.

I’ve been given some homework overnight which consists of swatting up on this manual, and being able to prove I’m aware of how to dive safely, then we’ll take to the water!

More later.

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Day 1
I’ve decided to write all as one blog makes it easier to read and other things may happen in between but the wonders of modern technology allow me to move the blog to the top of the pile when I write a bit more about this PADI course.

From first impression, the PADI stands out as the most challenging post-academic qualification since my driving test, (which was in 1991).
Today we were learning about pressures and safety. I guess these are the two things which can catch people out to the point of death when diving.

“Not trying to scare you” , is what the instructor said, “but this is not a casual course, we have to obey the laws of physics”.
I’m glad someone out there still recognises that laws exist, (and are good).

I reach for my thinking cap and serious face.


BCD Buoyancy Control Device: An inflatable jacket.

Second Stage: Another name for a mouthpiece.

Kitting Up: Putting your gear on.

I’ve learnt how to be comfortable in the water through a ‘confined dive’, which was conducted in a swimming pool going through equipment, kit, all the blah blah that you do as a matter of course.

Day 2
Got off to a wobbly start @ 9am. But confidence levels made up.
Dived twice: once in shallow water (confined dive). Then later in deeper water.

Saw an octopus and an white eel also a spotted stingray.

Diver log book
Divers log all their dives where you can write about things you experienced on your dive like eels, big or dangerous fish.
We will be learning about this divers log on day 3.

Starting to really enjoy going in the water.

Day 3
Started wobbly as had to move hotel overnight had to arrange all movement of stuff and check-out and the rest of the shebang.

Eventually turned up @ about 10am. An hour late.

Third day is the last day.

I have completed 4 open water dives, one up to 15m.
I fully removed my mask @ 8m and refitted it blowing the water out.
I floated in the water without using any forms of bouyancy, just inhaling and exhaling and maintained a constant position using this method.

Took a dive out in to open water and saw 2 metre long moral eel in the coral. It’s head was about 14 inches wide.

After this took a theory test got about 80%, which was enough to pass.

PADI Open Water Diver
Now I am a PADI Open Water Diver.

My certification should be waiting for me when I get home.

Hopefully this will open all sorts of opportunities for employment. A diving Qualification is a professional qualification.