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Caño Negra

Caño Negra

For those that make it to La Fortuna and are into your naturism, there is no better place in Costa Rica than the place they call Caño Negra.

An area of wetland gaining it´s name from the black volcanic dust tinged water it leaks into Rio Frio which flows on the border between Costa Rica & Nicaragua.

This place you are gauranteed to see animals like:
Howler Monkeys
Jumping Fish
and sometimes the Jesus lizard running across the waterway

For the $30 dollars, it was a sure thing.
You could spot wildlife until you could be bothered to spot no more.

Here are some pictures.

This one is showing a smaller version of the Crocodile named the Caiman which you will find throughout the Amazon and tropical regions.
Lively little buggers they are, there are too many opportunities to see them.
Our boat was able to pull right up to within a couple of meters allowing us to take pictures.

Obviously, this must have given the impression that they were ‘friendly’ and one of the Canadian tourists asked if they bite (?!)
You know what the Americans say about the Canadians.

We must be some of the luckiest tourists alive.

While we were out, we spotted this Albino Howler monkey.
Our guide had never spotted one of these before and he had been 19 years on the job.

In addition
Got a great tan.

La Fortuna

La Fortuna

After 4 days on the job I am moving on.

La Fortuna at first seemed like Pucon, Chile.

It has a volcano steaming and spewing lava in the background. I have a picture of the Volcano here.


Which makes an interesting backdrop for the village which is mostly covered with volcanic dust, which you have to watch you don’t get in your coffee if you sit outside.

Small change

Small change

Nothing small about this change.

It’s like chocolate money.

Perhaps it helps the locals not to lose it.

Locals are friendly here man, perhaps the friendliest in SA.

Monteverde cloud forest

Monteverde cloud forest

I have taken a tour of Santa Elena cloud forest or Monteverde cloud forest.

Here’s a picture of my knee in a hotel in Monteverde to get the ball rolling.

Here are some trees.


That one’s a frog to be exact, a dink frog which was resting on a leaf and fell on a girl excited her, more than anything we had seen that day.

It played dead on the floor for a while, then jumped up and walked off (frog marched).

It is no longer than 12mm.

Monteverde – King Snake

Monteverde – King Snake

Here I am in Monteverde cloud forest Costa Rica.


Apparently this is a snake that eats other snakes, they call it the king snake.

This one is dying, I pick it up and it’s entrails are hanging out.

I put it back on the side of the road where I found it.