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Day 2: Kathmandu

Day 2: Kathmandu

Having had a bit of a heavy night crawling the bars in Thamel during my last night, I was forced to take a late start on Saturday, my second full day in Nepal.

Last Night

Having been in Durbar square during the day. I had some food at the Electric Pagoda, which had a live band playing and was full of tourist types, but seemed like a laid back kind of place.

After that, I went to somewhere called the Tom and Jerry pub. It’s like a pub, got some pool tables and loud music. Locals where friendly enough and there were some Canadian yoga teachers, which seems to be a common theme here in Nepal.

After much drinking, I descended to the ‘Red Lion’ pub which was directly below. Less of a pub and more of a dance-floor.

There were many different nationalities here also, all enjoying the different types of music. Stayed for a little while, then took a walk back to the hotel. During which, I think I got some food, but don’t remember.

Rather than going to bed, I thought I might visit the nightclub whose bass I can hear through my bedroom in the early hours.

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1st Day: Kathmandu

1st Day: Kathmandu

Just arrived last night.

The airport is old. Seems like one of the oldest ones I’ve been in for a while. Taking the bus down from the concourse, they drop you off in the arrivals lounge, where you have to go through the processes of making a VISA application.

VISA Machines

To make this slightly quicker and easier, they have some fairly modern VISA machines. After entering some fairly simple details, arrival and departure, where you’re staying and for how long. Usual stuff. The machine issues you with a receipt, which you take over to the counter.

At the counter you can pay cash or credit card. I chose card, as I only had £10 in cash and the VISA for 90 days is $110.

Getting the VISA takes about 25 mins, queuing up, paying. end to end.

SIM card

Three wants to charge me £6 per MB here in Nepal.

This is going to cost you a serious amount of money if you’re not careful, because my phone is set up to do all things over Data-network, (because I live on a boat), not wifi, it’s going to just carry on doing the things it always does which could work out kind of expensive.

On the exit from the airport, there are two SIM card retailers. One is NCELL, which is supposed to have good coverage across the whole of Nepal, the other is NEPAL, which is supposed to have less good cover, but works OK in the cities.

It cost £3.50 for 7 days, at the end of which, when I’ve done some more research, I may switch to another network.

I’ve already used it many times to look at maps and also book some bus tickets to my next stop.


I’m currently staying at a hotel close to the ‘Garden of Dreams’.

Last night, the bass from the club over the road kept me awake some of the time, but eventually I got some sleep.

Apart from that, it’s very quite.

Durbar Square

Today I took a trek down to the main centre area which was pretty well destroyed in the 2015 earthquake.

They call it Durbar Square.

Here’s some pictures from the walk down there.

Bangemudha Chowk - Kathmandu
Bangemudha Chowk – Kathmandu

As you can see. People pretty poor here.

Here’s some more pictures.

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Day 56 – Newquay to Lands End

Day 56 – Newquay to Lands End

Last day.

It’s taken 56 days to make the whole journey; from John O’Groats to Lands End.

I’ll do a summary of some stats in the next post, but here’s to final day – Newquay to Lands End.

Started off misty.

This was taken cycling out of Newquay.

Much less wind

Made it a much more pleasant journey.

My pedal had also ceased, which was putting some considerable drag on me which I hadn’t realised.

I got this fixed by an RAC man sitting on the A30 just outside Newquay.

A little WD40 and a lot of oil.

The Newquay to Lands End stretch was a lot more pleasant.

Here’s some photographic mementos from the journey.

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Day 55 – Tavistock to Newquay

Day 55 – Tavistock to Newquay

A whole day with the the wind in my face. A full 16-30 kph of it.
Pedalling down the hills kind of style.

In addition, Google decided I was a CAR and sent my down the A30.



Pain in the ass…..

Anyway. I’m here now.

Holed up in the Griffin Inn, right in the very heart of Newquay. Party capital of the south coast.

I’m having a shower and feeling absolutely shattered.


Fancied fish & chips, seeing as it was a Friday.

By the time I had all washed up and had a little nap, it was getting on for 9.

Some of the places had stopped serving food.

After a walk down to Fistral Beach and taking a look in the Atlantic Hotel and the Red Lion, I settled on this place, The Dolphin, which had seasonable prices and was still serving.

River Lyd
River Lyd, Conwall


Happened across this village.


They have invested a lot in paint and breeze-blocks to put the place up in the middle of no-where.

It’s  another one of those ‘Poundbury’, self styled ‘good ideas’, from the same people that bought you ‘Poundbury’, (surprise surprise).

10 out of 10 for choice of colours. Bohemian, sort of reminiscent of central European housing of a certain era, with all the funny colours and what not.

It seems that central Europe has come to Newquay, or that’s the impression I got. Airlifted, and dropped in from a height, like and alien invasion.

Nanseldan, Newquay
Nanseldan, Newquay
Nanseldan, Newquay
Nanseldan, Newquay

Today, I’m taking the final leg of my trip, to Sennen, the closest village to Lands End.

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Day 54 – Exeter to Tavistock

Day 54 – Exeter to Tavistock

Through the National Park, which turned out to be extremely hilly.

Climbed the same height as Ben Nevis during the course of the day.
I must admit, I did some of it walking.

Clifford Bridge - Teign Valley
Clifford Bridge – Teign Valley, Devon

This particular road took me up a steep embankment from the River Teign.
It was never ending.

Google Maps

Google kept trying to turn me back from this route, (through the national park), and send me round the A30, (around the edge of the park).

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Day 53 – Taunton to Exeter

Day 53 – Taunton to Exeter

Knee isn’t much better.

I’ve decided it’s the tendons at the back of the kneecap have become slightly inflamed.

Tendonitis I believe it’s called. I personally don’t think it’s very serious, although there’s no doubt it’s going to slow me down, roughly by about 1/2 the amount each day.

Today, I took it particularly easy, just travelling to Exeter, or thereabouts.

Somerset into Devon

The most significant development of the day was moving between the counties of Somerset and Devon.

Devon Lane
Devon Lane

The lanes in Devon look like this.

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Day 52 – Seend Park to Taunton

Day 52 – Seend Park to Taunton

A drab and dreary day, that took me down through Frome, across to Wells, down to Glastonbury and in to Taunton.

About 70 miles.

The damp weather has caused some problems with my knee, and I’m not sure how it’ll be functioning tomorrow.

I’m going to book something close, and not risk straining it.


Spent most of the morning cycling down the canal towpath.

Stopped for a coffee in Monkton Combe at the Angelfish café, where some other cyclist had congregated for the same reason.

Avoncliff is a particularly good stretch, with the canal looking down on the Avon winding it’s way through the valley below.

England's Glory - Avoncliff
England’s Glory – Avoncliff

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