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Severn Trent Billing tries to Scam me out of money – Part #7

Severn Trent Billing tries to Scam me out of money – Part #7

  • Dear Mr Tyler,
  • Account number 598168590-9
  • I have been passed your email of 6/2/08, from Darren Sandbach who is our
  • Web Executive. I have investigated your query and can see that the reason
  • that we were stating that you still owed £74.20 was because you had made
  • the payment on an account in the name of the occupier. The confusion seems
  • to have arisen due to you informing us that you would be leaving the
  • property and emigrating. Once this happened we updated the account for
  • Flat 3 into the name of the Occupier ready for a new occupant to provide
  • their details. You then informed us that you were no longer leaving Flat 3
  • and we opened an account back into your name, in the meantime the £74.20
  • was paid using the Occupier bill. I have now transferred the £74.20 onto
  • your current open account number as shown above.
  • I am sorry for the inconvenience or distress that this misunderstanding
  • may have caused you and can confirm that your account balance is now nil.
  • Your next bill will be issued during February/March 2008 for the charges
  • that will be due for the period 1/4/08 to 31/3/09. Should you have any
  • further queries please call our Contact Centre on 08457 500 500.
  • I trust that this resolves the matter to your satisfaction.
  • Regards
  • Becky Bosley
  • Customer Liaison Team
  • Billing Contact Centre

I used to work for your lot.

I think it funny that you want to destroy my life.

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