Severn Trent Billing tries to Scam me out of money – Part #7

Severn Trent Billing tries to Scam me out of money – Part #7

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  • Dear Mr Tyler,
  • Account number 598168590-9
  • I have been passed your email of 6/2/08, from Darren Sandbach who is our
  • Web Executive. I have investigated your query and can see that the reason
  • that we were stating that you still owed £74.20 was because you had made
  • the payment on an account in the name of the occupier. The confusion seems
  • to have arisen due to you informing us that you would be leaving the
  • property and emigrating. Once this happened we updated the account for
  • Flat 3 into the name of the Occupier ready for a new occupant to provide
  • their details. You then informed us that you were no longer leaving Flat 3
  • and we opened an account back into your name, in the meantime the £74.20
  • was paid using the Occupier bill. I have now transferred the £74.20 onto
  • your current open account number as shown above.
  • I am sorry for the inconvenience or distress that this misunderstanding
  • may have caused you and can confirm that your account balance is now nil.
  • Your next bill will be issued during February/March 2008 for the charges
  • that will be due for the period 1/4/08 to 31/3/09. Should you have any
  • further queries please call our Contact Centre on 08457 500 500.
  • I trust that this resolves the matter to your satisfaction.
  • Regards
  • Becky Bosley
  • Customer Liaison Team
  • Billing Contact Centre

I used to work for your lot.

I think it funny that you want to destroy my life.

One thought on “Severn Trent Billing tries to Scam me out of money – Part #7

  1. Interesting that Severn Trent Water(“watering down is our business”?) has now been confirmed in the great big public eye as an organisation that explicitly and deliberately has in MAJOR degree cheated, stolen, fabricated and lied, and must therefore be (or have been) run by people who are themselves unambiguously cheats, frauds, liars, and probably bullies too. Such is the lot of the land that “dole cheats” who skim off a few thousand are regarded as more venomous than these corporate sociopaths, who are seen as “good news” to the Management Boards, and get enormous salaries for cleverly ripping off their customers, the government, and their employee-colleagues to the tune of several millions. I do hope that you eventually got all your money back – I wonder if it was an error or a confusion, or another of Severn Trent’s oh-so-clever scams, dreamt up by oh-such-a-bright young thing.

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