Lake Bled and Postojna Caves

Lake Bled and Postojna Caves

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Have found my way down to the lake Bled and managed to pick up a rowing boat. The weather is hot and sunny.

I am going to find this easy.

Bled is surrounded with mountains some of which are the alps. In the middle of the lake stands a geographical anomoly, (island), on top of which they decided to build a church.

Over the years the church and island have often been independent from the locality. At times of fuedalism and war, the church and has remained a seperate enclave.

I took my boat and decided to row out to investigate this church.

Opposite from the town, if you walk round the lake, is a hire place where you can hire a rowing boat to make your way around the lake independentely.

Being a bit of an independent type, i decided to hire this boat.

Disembarked on the island and climbed up to the mystical church.

As mentioned in previous post, this church has a bell with some mysterious properties.

A wishing bell.

Having hired the boat rowed to the island and climbed to the church and reached the rope, I pulled and pulled again nothing happened. Not wanting to embarrass myself I left it.

I got back to my boat, I thought perhaps they had decommisioned it or it had jammed or something gently putting together what had gone wrong in my head.

No sooner had I pushed off when I heard the bell sounding in the background.

Couldnt think of a decent wish anyhow. Im pretty well kitted out as it is (thanks mum)..


Must investigate caves of Postojna.

Here we will find the human fish.

Deep within the caves of Postojna lives the human fish feeding on prawns, snails and what remains it can find.

As well as that, the caves are the second deepest in Europe spanning to a depth of 20km.

Took a guide with with a huge group of Germans.

Must say I was duly impressed.

We took a train down for 3km down to the river ljubljana, and investigated these 3 levels of formations. Some where pure white, others pink and a few brown and other coloured devices dotted around.

Luckily there was none of this talk of faces of famous people, Martin Luther King or Monica Lewinsky appearing from the formations, which so often happens.

The guide pointed out one mysterious camel to us right at the end but luckily we were spared the pleasure of gawping at non existant shapes and faces. I swear people that spot these shapes should stick to their lituim, or share their drugs with the other visitors before going into the caves.

Have made my way back to Bit Centre and intend to get drunk and have a pizza.

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  1. Lonely Planet says: the existence of camels in the caves of Postojna has been duly noted – expect a special Slovenian camel breakout box in the new issue of LP Slovenia.


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