Ljubljana and Lake Bled

Ljubljana and Lake Bled

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Have been staying in the Bit Center economy hotel, Ljubljana.

Its a mix between a hotel and a sports center.

Booked it through the website so its turned out pretty cheap.

Got a much needed haircut on Saturday afternoon and the hairdresser recommmended a couple of prime spots. Due to poor weather, didnt bother with either.

I suspect there are many interesting historical facts to learn about the Ljubljana but because its the weekend, many things are closed.

Im going to move on.

Have decided to hire a car and move to Bled which is a 1/2 hour drive from Ljubjlana.


Went out last night with Aussies I met to pub close to the hostel.

Aussies have developed hybrid card game called arsehole, which i thought might be a variation on shithead, but turned out to be nothing like.

In my drunken stupor, I became confused, lost patience and climbed into a bunkbed which was really comfortable.

Awoke in the morning to be told horror stories about my behaviour the previous night.

Aussies are going hiking, i have not been invited. I suspect this may be punishment for my raucos behaviour.

Never mind.

Bled has a famous lake pictured in the Lonely Planet guide.

In a churchtower on the island in the middle of the lake, there is a wishing bell.

Today I will seek out this bell.

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