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Arrived in Ljubljana yesterday night.

Nobody is able to agree on how this city is pronounced.

In flight, it varied from stewardess to stewardess.

The brits call in lublana.

Flight was ok, went with easyjet from stansted.

This is the first time ive flown from stansted, and it seems to be like a kind of mecca for budget flights, idols of stelios and michael oleary adourn the travellator, toilets and other parts of the airport.

It was starting to hail as we boarded the plane, so the 20c bright sunshine (in lublana) was a welcome relief from the bad weather in the UK.

I notice that easyjet dont use the old machanical platforms to elevate their passengers (in the style we are accustomed) many aussies where rushing for cover as the hail broke out, and this seemed like a bit of a novelty as i watched them filing in all wet and shivvery. however, i sense this novelty may wear off fairly quickly with further tripping using the jetsters.

Got off the plane into lush green contryside backdropped onto mountains with snowed peaks.

Grass drying in racks (for hay), bohemian houses.

All is green and pretty.


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