Broadband connection in Lake Tekapo

Broadband connection in Lake Tekapo

Didn’t manage to get any kind of Broadband connection at the hotel (hermitage).

They had an internet café but it was all coin up machines. I couldn’t even plug my USB in.

This meant a 40 minute, if enjoyable motorcycle ride to Lake Tekapo in the hope of better connections there.

Trolling the high street for 20 minutes turned up this place where the girl let me plug in.

Stress marks the spot
This is why I always go to the most expensive hotels. It saves the first two hours of every day fucking about looking for decent connection.

Anyway. X marks the spot.

The Hermitage – New Zealand

The Hermitage – New Zealand

Took a couple of meals while I was here.

First night I went Á la Cárte.

For starts had the pork belly with crest and caramelised whatever.

Mains were a Hare roasted with a roast onion and a little bit of fricassee.

Downed a glass of wine as well.

Second night.

Went with the buffet.

Excellent choice of starters.

Some good rib eye for mains.

I stuck to the lasagna. On chef’s recommendation.


The Cook

The Cook

Took about 7hrs and 2 Police encounters.

I’m here now.

I can feel safe now.

I am staying at [The Hermitage]. It has inclusive grades of rooms depending on the level of altitude and thus, dollar.

$460 was top dollar.

I was just in for a sleep.

Here’s a picture from my rooom.

The Hermitage, New ZealandMount Cook, new Zealand

Akaroa to Mount Cook

Akaroa to Mount Cook

Rather than hanging round Aakaroa in the rain, I short cutted over to Highway 1 and made my way down to the next tourist destination – Mount Cook.

This is NZ’s highest mountain.

I’ve heard there are some great views from here.