Cho Ray Hospital – The second coming

Cho Ray Hospital – The second coming

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This time it was outside ‘Tet’ festival. This meant that the wonders of the ‘Foreign Patient’ wing were in operation.

The hospital was a lot more busy, and when I visited the counter for service, I was ushered to this ‘Foreign Patient’ wing, instead of being put in with the Vietnamese.

Foreign patients

In the Foreign Patient wing, I was feeling pretty crook. I gave the lady my diagnoses from 3 days ago, documenting my problem and the prescription the doctor had given me.

I was given a little form to fill in, with some basic details, including name address phone number and passport number.

I was then taken to ‘room 1’, which had a sign saying ‘foreign patients’ above the door.

I waited for around 1/2 an hour. At which point I was ushered in and had my blood pressure taken. I was then shown the doctor.

After asking me how I was feeling, she said I should go upstairs to the Urology dept. and they would sort me out from there.

I went upstairs, after paying 250,000 VND about $12, for the priviledge of being shown where the Urology department was.

Urology department

Once in the department, the doctor checked my papers, and said I needed another X-ray and CT scan. I said I already had an X-ray from 2 days ago and a CT scan in the accident and emergency department.

After this I spent another 1 1/2 hours hanging around the A&E, trying to get them to release my records from the previous day.

After some discussion and to-ing and fro-ing, they decided that they had the X-rays but not the CT scan and that the CT scan was going to cost me 1,000,000 VND, which is about $50.

I said this was a joke, and that they were simply fleecing foreigners.

The doctor sent me back upstairs to the Urology department. After some telephone calls and discussion, the Urology doctor wrote another prescription from the chemist.

All pretty crazy. All pretty time consuming.

I just wish it could have all happened during tet, then I wouldn’t have had to pay the crazy ‘foreigner’ charges.


Still, never mind.

At least I have some prescribed drugs which will either heal me, or not, until I reach Hanoi.

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