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Top 10 Tips for Amazon Flex drivers

Top 10 Tips for Amazon Flex drivers

Christmas is approaching and it is the season to be on Amazon looking to take advantage of lightening deals and let someone else take the strain of delivering your freshly ordered goods to you.

They say that in the logistics business, the last few miles of delivery are the most expensive.

Amazon pays drivers from it’s own logistics department to complete deliveries that final few miles.

This may be through their paid or contracted fleet, or it may be from the self employed gig delivery workers otherwise known as ‘Amazon Flex‘.

Amazon Flex

I’ve been doing Amazon Flex for nearly 3 years now.

This is my top 10 tips for Amazon Flex Drivers.

In my experience, these are the tips that are going to make you a better driver.

1- Check your insurance | 2- Use the technology | 3- Always check the flex app’s routes | 4- Amazon flex automated tapping machines | 5- Update your amazon flex app | 6- Parking tickets when delivering for Amazon flex and how to avoid them | 7- Don’t forget the essentials | 8- Using a storage box | 9- Record your mileages for HMRC | 10- Dealing with payment and other Amazon Flex problems | 11- Non deliverable and returned parcels 12- Map of Amazon Flex depots UK | 13- Maximum number of hours or days delivering for Amazon flex in one week | 14- Loading your car for Amazon Flex | 15 – Amazon flex mystery shopper test

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