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The Hash Museum

The Hash Museum

Situated on the edges of some canals round the square. It’s almost as much fun finding it as going inside.
Here we can learn about dope, how nice it is and why we should smoke more of it.

This bloke has collected a lot of weed and put it on a lorry to drive round with.

Live and learn
If you have never known much about pot before coming to Amsterdam, this museum is definitely worth a visit.

Pot is not an accepted drug but its been around and actively used for 8,000 years in societies across the world from the Mesopotamia to the Indians and western Europeans.

It may take 8,000 more to try and wipe it out so why we bother is anyone’s guess.

Heineken Brewery

Heineken Brewery

I have captured the spledours of dutch innovation in industrial beer making, here is a sample.

The tour is made up of many things.

After passing through some history and corporate aspirational material, the beer production process is perhaps the reason most people come to the Heineken brewery.

Should be your first port of call, as they give you a free pint pitcher, which can come in handy if you are serving your own drinks late into the night in your own hotel-room.

Tour of the Museums

Tour of the Museums

I had been warned that there were many Museums in Amsterdam.

There are so many you’ll probably have to limit the time or choose the ones that suit you best.

Best of Three
Out of a combination of chance and bad map reading skills, the 3 I managed to take in were…

Hotel Crystal

Hotel Crystal

2 Blocks off Leidseplein, pronounced Light-spline.

The Damm has 2 main blocks, Damm square and this one Leidsplein which is home to the Boom Boom theatre, Chicago Rocks Hard rock café Casino etc. All the things you might expect, flashing lights, bars, people enjoying themselves in the bars and clubs.

I guess the cafés were closed last night. I only saw one guy sitting outside smoking, perhaps all the stoners go home early.

Hotel Crystal
The place where I am staying. Woke up late and missed breakfast. Girl got me a bowl of corn flakes.
The hotel cost €40 per night.
It’s clean, quite and functional.

Last time I was camping out. It was freezing. I had no money.
I started working at a tulip factory until I lost my passport in Hoorne.



The Damm blog begins.

I am currently residing here.

Marriot Hotel
at the Marriot while I get some work done (blogging).

Leeds Bradford Airport
Not much to report.

If your driving, don’t expect to drive up and jump out of the car. The location of the airport is kind of remote and buses clog up the arteries which would make your journey smooth.

Took me just under 3 hours from Wolverhampton.