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Zhujiang Road – Swimming pool trip!

Zhujiang Road – Swimming pool trip!

Loujiang River – Promenade
Loujiang River promenade

After sitting and being fat, I’ve got bored. Today I’m going to find my way down to explore the swimming pool.

A previous recie has turned up two possible sites.

I’ve not been to a Chinese swimming pool before, there were none in Dujiangyan. I’ve not heard of any in Wanzhou.

Before I go in they insist I do a little medical. When the woman realises I speakie no Chinese, this is very funny, and she starts giggling then puts her head in her hands.

Loujiang River
Loujiang River promenade

I get a little stamp and a card that cost 5rmb.

Locker rooms

I traverse the stairs and hand my card over for a little key. On into the locker rooms through the electronic turnstyles.

Locker rooms are virtually deserted. 3 People in there. I get my fresh nu-trunks on, slip the key on my ankle, and stride out confidently to the pool.

Swimming Pool -  Zhujiang Road
Olympic size



The pool

The pool is a full 50m. Biggest pool I’ve seen outside of London. So I do a few dives, frolic on the edge, and this lifecard comes over and starts pointing at his head. I’m liek “you think I’m crazy? We all do this in England!”

He’s not going away, and he makes a few signals with his hand. Goes away and brings back this little cap, like a scholars cap.

Swimming Pool - Zhujiang Road
Olympic size swimming pool


I don the cap, so I feel like Confucius getting in the pool!

It’s all contemplation from then on. Swim, contemplate, swim, contemplate, swim, contemplate.

It’s why we come to the pool. I guess the Chinese have thought have this.

Cool beans!

Yah. Love swimming. Anyone that tells you otherwise is lying.

This pool is very clean and friendly. Anyone coming to Kunshan, I would recommend it.