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Ipod 3g Free Games

Ipod 3g Free Games

anodiaAfter some exhaustive searching, I’ve turned up several free games for my iPod 3g.
I don’t want to feel that the Chinese are the only people that can spend their spare time poking touchscreen devices. I can join in too.

It’s an older version, with an older operating system. Most of the new apps don’t work so well.

Here’s a list of free apps that work on the iPod 3g.


  • Mahjong Elements: Natty little game where you have to match the multi-coloured squares. Has some nice additions like achievements and timed games with prizes for quick thinking. Free iPod Game
  • Flight Control Rocket: Steer your rocket to it’s home on the intergalaticon space base. Each rocket needs to be steered to the appropriate coloured base. No crashing! Nice touches. Easy to play and fun. Free iPod Game
  • Castle Kingdom: Build a little castle and make it your own. Conquer the other castles and make them your own too. Free iPod Game
  • Anodia: Another free game for the older ios 4.2.1. Like breakout. It’s kind of an old concept. If you remember that Atari that is. This game has had more re-births than the Dalai Lama. You should try.


  • Battery Magic Probe
  • Wifi
  • FAAD (FreeAppADay)
  • Pandora
  • TuneIn Radio Pro
  • Appzilla
  • Skype
  • TextFree (with Voice)
  • Recorder Pro
  • Atomic Web Browser
  • Download+
  • Bump

I’ll be adding to this list more in the future. I plan to get a new phone or some such when the time comes.

For the moment, I’m going to stick with the iPod, and keep playing these free games.