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Mending my pump out toilet

Mending my pump out toilet

At the moment, we have the ‘pump’out’ toilet on the boat.

This is a small tank that sits under the toilet and sink and fills with detritus.

Every now and then, you have to get it ‘pumped out‘, hence the pump out name.

Kiddie visitors

A couple of weeks ago, when the kids came to visit, one of them leaned off it, or rocked around or something and it came off its housing and water spilled all over the place.

Since then it’s been smelling, and not really usuable, this weekend I’ve got round to fixing it.

I’ve made this little video documenting the story of me mending my toilet.

Watch video!

It took about 3 days in all, letting everything dry out, checking for leaks and making good.

Hurrah for me!