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Taizhou town

Taizhou town


Went to see the film Interstellar last night. Took a cycle down to the local cinema.

Spitting Chinese

Girl gave me a free drink. There were a lot of spitting Chinese. One guy was even spitting in the cinema.

They used to do this in Shanghai, except they never used to spit. They would make a noise to get a reaction. Obviously, the Chinese round here are not that evolved, they go the whole hog.

Even people in uniforms were spitting.

I guess that’s what you’ve got to expect coming to a small town in China.


The film itself was good. Michael Caine sends a mission to Jupiter’s rings where there is a wormhole which the astronauts from a failing earth, go in.

When in there, they have to decide which planet to populate. Anyway, the upshot is, HATE is the key to the universe, and if we hate things enough, we will be chosen to populate other planets. Which seems reasonable.

Cost me 40 yuan or £4.