Valparaiso Accommodation

Valparaiso Accommodation

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Had a couple of bad experiences with.

1st place was my own fault really.

Hospidajea San Pedro
It was located downtown on Victoria Square, pretty much central, like Picadilly.

The guy asked for money up front, I paid for three days.

Didn’t manage to sleep for 1st night plus there was a lack of Free Laundry and Internet Access which were supposed to be part of the deal.

Bloke was shady as f**k but I wasn’t that bothered just took it.

First night
After 1st night decided accommodation was shit and I should move on.

Decided along the way that he was not going to let me have my money back, which turned out to be the case, so kept the keys (worth app. 5m).

Moved on to somewhere called the

Hotel Victoria.
Very central location, very noisey, but not as noisey as first place.
Don’t ask for cash up front and have working Kitchen (in the first place the cooker didn’t work).

Fry my eggs up nice.

Move on after 2 days.

Here is a view from the window.

left —————————right

Bicyclette Conception
Despite being owned by weird beardy French cycle buff, the place is immaculate.

Bloke tries to chat me up. Act bored.

Otherwise normal.
Quite, nice, friendly. Fine.

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