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Day: 12 May 2024

Weekend in Marmaris

Weekend in Marmaris

Mamaris is perhaps the 4th Turkish resort I’ve visited, and so far the best.

It’s better for a number of reasons

  1. The accomodation was better and cheaper: than the other resorts. That may have been a chance thing, but there is certainly no shortage of choice.
  2. Marmaris has more bars: Obviously a consideration for holidaymakers. And me, on the weekend.
  3. Marmaris had more restaurants: Much more choice. From the expensive sea front, to more affordable. Lots of variety.
  4. The actual resort itself: Has a more laid back general ambience. The people are more laid back. There’s not so much traffic in the tourist areas. It’s got a slower pace.

A place where you can slow down and enjoy a bit of time relaxing in your surroundings.

Marmaris from the road above
Marmaris beach front
Marmaris beach front

It was enough for the weekend. No doubt I could have spent more time there. But I didn’t.

Rhodes to Marmaris

I took the ferry over here and it took me about an hour.

You can see us all queuing up to board here.

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