Weekend in Marmaris

Weekend in Marmaris

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Mamaris is perhaps the 4th Turkish resort I’ve visited, and so far the best.

It’s better for a number of reasons

  1. The accomodation was better and cheaper: than the other resorts. That may have been a chance thing, but there is certainly no shortage of choice.
  2. Marmaris has more bars: Obviously a consideration for holidaymakers. And me, on the weekend.
  3. Marmaris had more restaurants: Much more choice. From the expensive sea front, to more affordable. Lots of variety.
  4. The actual resort itself: Has a more laid back general ambience. The people are more laid back. There’s not so much traffic in the tourist areas. It’s got a slower pace.

A place where you can slow down and enjoy a bit of time relaxing in your surroundings.

Marmaris from the road above
Marmaris beach front
Marmaris beach front

It was enough for the weekend. No doubt I could have spent more time there. But I didn’t.

Rhodes to Marmaris

I took the ferry over here and it took me about an hour.

You can see us all queuing up to board here.

Just kidding. That’s the TUI cruise ship. It was having some passengers disembark in Rhodes whilst we waiting.

The weather

Was predicted to be pretty poor today. Turns out it wasn’t nearly as bad as the forecast.

The road to Akyaka

For this reason, I kept today’s journey short and predictable. It was a hilly 30km. The village was pretty much the next one down from Marmaris, but it was out of the hills and would allow me to move on pretty much immediately.

Aquifer cistern on hillside
Aquifer cistern on hillside

The inscription above reads “The song of Salma Othman enriched your songs. Throughout his journey to Umm Ur Khanum Muharram.” Not really too sure on the meaning of this. Google doesn’t know either. I suspect the translation itself may be incorrect, especially the second part. This kept on changing every time I moved the camera.

Cave tombs

Gokova is home to an ancient settlement. There are some remnants as I cycled in to town, an aquifer cistern, which was still in operation and some cave tombs.

I made it to the village of Akyaka and was walking around before the skies opened. Had to seek refuge in the pub bar area and consume a beer whilst the storm abated! It was kind of entertaining watching the people and traffic negotiate each other in the rain for a little while.

Ladies river
River cruises

This is the river that flows through the town. It is super clear and all the ducks end geese love it. Otters too, and fish. In fact, everyone seems to love it, including the tourists.

I wonder how long it will last for.

Tonight I will be staying in an apartment which means I’ll have to be sorting myself out for breakfast.

The apartment seems nice. It’s at the top of a steep hill.

One thought on “Weekend in Marmaris

  1. Sounds pretty lovely. Love the ancient bits…..mind blowingly old. Sounds as if you had good shelter from the rain. Weathers here is still beautiful …though thunder is forecast for today and rain most of next week some time each day but not all day….so not bad. Enjoy all the loveliness of Turkey. X

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