Baths at La Fortuna

Baths at La Fortuna

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Not forgetting the baths @ La Fortuna, Baldi Baths.
Apart from Caño, this is perhaps one of the coolest things to do ala La Fortuna.

Hot Bath
Volcanically heated, the bar staff will provide free beer if you manage to stay in the hottest pool for longer than 20 seconds.

They recon its over 100 degrees, one guy said 400 (Canadian), but I managed to get a foot in there and not remove a stump.

There are another 11 pools and a series of winding pathways, lamp lit and paved to keep you wandering round.

Best pools
I thought the smelly ones round the bottom were best.

Although you might venture up to the top area where there is a better view of the volcanous mountain and the odd lava flow.

The bar
Barman didn’t know what a Mojhito was, then didn’t want to bother so I left it.

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