Belgrade – Attractions – St. Marks Church

Belgrade – Attractions – St. Marks Church

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Located next to the houses of parliament, when I visit, St. Marks has a wedding party in attendance.

I am surprised by the number of reasonable looking Serbian women.

Comfort in Cash
Obviously they don’t have the same problems with comfort eating as we do in the UK.

east vs west
The church of St. Marks with it’s domed spires is a mish mash of east and western influence. I was lucky, the wedding had moved all the pews giving an impression of floor space.

I could move around to get the right pictures.

2 thoughts on “Belgrade – Attractions – St. Marks Church

  1. Hello Michael,
    I’m a native Belgrader who grew up and lives in Sydney, Australia. I’m glad you liked St Mark’s church – it is my favourite church in Belgrade – I always feel especially spiritual there, moreso than in any other church.
    Just so you’re aware, it was not the wedding party that moved the pews; churches in the Serbian Christian Orthodox faith do not have pews at all. Like Russian Orthodox church goers, Serbians stand throughout the service.
    Feel free to contact me if you are travelling to Belgrade again anytime soon – I would be happy to point you in the right direction with any questions you may have.
    Best regards,
    Maria Milbridge

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