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Steal peoples Credit Card details with scanners available on Ebay

Steal peoples Credit Card details with scanners available on Ebay


This is almost like going back to the days of hairspray on phone-cards, video-tape on cash cards or all those other small-time low risk scams of yesteryear.

Your life in their hands
Bearing in mind credit-card fraud in the UK is not a criminal offence, you won’t even get a sentence for this one.

The video explains all.

I know RFID is a good thing. I can’t help thinking this is a bit dodgy to me.

New suit?
The video recommends getting a stainless steel wallet, to go with your tin-foil hat, if you’re really worried.

RFID Future
There was another interesting video about baron S de Rothchild talking about getting us all chipped and muted, but you’d have to search on u-tube for that one.

I guess it all ties in with the masterplan.



Came up 7th on the Yahoo zeitgeist this weekend.

Was struck by the amount of sites there are in the UK. map.
Consists of navigating yourself to a hidden container write a log, leave a meaningful object, and plod on your weary path.

Travel Tracker Sports Mate – ttsm

Travel Tracker Sports Mate – ttsm

This guy sent me a link the other day.

Travel Tracker Sports Mate
The domain lets you upload a GPX file directly from your GPS unit.
(GPX Visualizer)

Visualization: options like ‘playback’ and heart rate against time/altitude.

Prove to your mates how fast you did a journey and lets THEM see areas where you slacked it off.

Real-time visualisation
They’re publishing a KML visualization of the Alp d’Huze race in France today in real-time to run on the site coincidentally with the racers undertaking the course.

As far as I know, this is an Internet first for real time visualisations.

Here’s the link.