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How much is your PM/Pres. paid?

How much is your PM/Pres. paid?

World Leader Pay Infographic

Earlier this month, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that he and almost everyone working for him would take a 10% pay cut because of mounting economic sanctions imposed on his country.

Whether Putin and his staff will actually feel the slash in their salaries is debatable, considering Putin says he is unaware of the amount printed on his paychecks. “Frankly, I don’t even know my own salary; they just give it to me, and I put it away in my account,” he reportedly said to a group of reporters during his annual Q&A session in December.

Putin’s official salary is chump change compared with that of a prime minister of an island nation smaller than New York City.

Singapore’s Lee Hsien Loong earns 12 1/2 times as much as Putin at a whooping $1.7 million. Loong’s salary is large enough to pay for the combined salaries of the leaders of India, Brazil, Italy, Russia, France, Turkey, Japan, United Kingdom, South Africa, and Germany.

Loong’s Singapore is also the world’s most expensive city for a second year in a row, according to The Economist’s bi-annual Worldwide Cost of Living report.


Order of the Maggot

Order of the Maggot

It was only a matter of time!

When man stands not to act by his own volition, but only act through bullying or duress! When man remains not true to himself, but to be tempted by money or financial reward! When man’s own nature takes second place to the domination of others!

These times are upon us!

Iran is the final non-conformer! Once they are beaten, the world is ours! No man will be able to stand!

Free will will be beaten!

We will own God!

All will bow before us!

Give up your reasoning. Give up your education. Give up your instinct.

This is our new order!

I’m so excited….

Steal peoples Credit Card details with scanners available on Ebay

Steal peoples Credit Card details with scanners available on Ebay


This is almost like going back to the days of hairspray on phone-cards, video-tape on cash cards or all those other small-time low risk scams of yesteryear.

Your life in their hands
Bearing in mind credit-card fraud in the UK is not a criminal offence, you won’t even get a sentence for this one.

The video explains all.

I know RFID is a good thing. I can’t help thinking this is a bit dodgy to me.

New suit?
The video recommends getting a stainless steel wallet, to go with your tin-foil hat, if you’re really worried.

RFID Future
There was another interesting video about baron S de Rothchild talking about getting us all chipped and muted, but you’d have to search on u-tube for that one.

I guess it all ties in with the masterplan.

Legendary Bankers

Legendary Bankers

It seems that over the weekend three bankers have made it into the legendary league occupied by the likes of Soros, Buffet and John Arnold.

Dan Spark, Michael “Swenny” Swenson and Josh Birnbaum collectively netted $4bn profits for Goldman Sachs in a speculative gamble.

The 4 bet that sub-primes would turn sour by the end of the year, netting the bank $4bn in profits, more than off-setting it’s own exposure to the sub-primes market.

Work hard, do your research
Goldman stands to be one of the biggest winners from the situation to date with over $19bn in it’s bonus kitty.

Just goes to show, you get nothing for betting on a sure thing.

Lloyds Bank Charges

Lloyds Bank Charges

Recently received a £60 fine for going overdrawn with my bank, who have refused to repay the money.

This should be an interesting case as its receiving a lot of publicity at the moment.
I’ll be using the blog to document my progress.

Lloyds Bank
Moneysaving expert

Its not much in my case, but it costs £30 to go to county court plus it doesn’t take £60 to write me a letter telling me I’m overdrawn.

We’ll see how it goes.