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BrainWashing in the UK

BrainWashing in the UK

On returning to England after spending 1 month in China/Poland, the amount of Brainwashing by the UK media, particularly Channel 4 News, is alarming.

It seems the news is a 60-40 mix of actual news and stories to wash the status quo or ‘current thinking’ over our work weary brains.

Take Gordon Brown.
Who really gives a fuck about Gordon Brown or what Gordon Brown is doing?

The Media?

Anyone else???

Anti Muslim
Like John Reid’s warning parents to look out for Anti-Muslim bullying in schools.
These people are running wild on our streets blowing people up, buses, trains and shoes. Anything they can get their hands on.

Is this shit I really wanting filtering through my synapses?

As a conscious human being I take exception.

No Lefty
Don’t think I’ve been watching lefty channels either, I spent most of my time watching CNN and BBC World service whilst away.

As an adult I’m capable of taking in information and forming a viewpoint then not telling anyone else what it is.

Washer Woman



As there as nothing too do as I missed my plane, i’m here in the Sofitel, a first for me.

My room is on the 7th floor.

I’ve got a view of the runway watching the planes taking off whilst I sip stella from the Sofitsal mini-bar.

Hail BA
Travelling with BA Connect.

Terrorist Threat
Yeah it’s all plastic bags and long queues. I’ve still got my bag it looks like this.

I don’t really have any advice for anyone travelling under this terrorist threat.

You can check my site lonelyplanetexchange.
I’ve kept a log of the operators with cancellations.

The budget operators are worst affected because their slots are shorter.

Here’s a picture of me.


April Foold

April Foold

Seems the most intelligent people have been making april fools this year. BMW told us there were fines for going too slow and they had painted their cars with special paint.
FlyBe one of the flights operators on lonelyplanetexchanges tried to tell us they had appointed 5 millionaire non-executives directors.

If you know of any other fools out there, intelligent or otherwise, do get in touch. I’m sure you will.

License Fee Riots

License Fee Riots

Why do we brits pay this scandalous and should be illegal tax.

If the license fee were introduced tomorrow by the labour government;

1) You (the electorate) Have To pay for channels on your Television (by law).

2) Once you’ve paid your money, we take it off you, (cash, cheque or direct debit), the money goes to one of the worlds biggest corporations. Ok?

3) You have no say, no buy or leave, no choice.

No value if you, like me, never watch the BBC.

Where are our civil rights?

With the advent of Hard Drive recording spelling the effective end of the five minute AD break, we have ALL channels on a level playing field, except for one.

If the independents are doing it better, our government should remove this tax, harking back to bygone technologies and trading conditions ,and introduce something which reflects the environment in which our broadcasting and media companies have to operate today.

Sign up here.


To the Max

To the Max

Found out today one of my old school friends was murdered with an axe.

They tried to burn down his £300k house in north Harrogate.

Max Bryan was an old school friend of mine.

I’m sure many people reading this know and remember Max as one of the more humorouss and popular kids in our school.

If his family or any of Max’s friends are reading this, I’d like to send my condolences and post this in the hope that the culprits are brought to eventual justice.


UK Hosting Companies

UK Hosting Companies

After 5 weeks of trials and analysis, I’ve moved the lonelyplanetexchange to a new, and optimum UK hosting solution.

For those of you who are in the market for a UK host, here are my experiences with a number of the top UK hosting companies.

Fasthosts UK
Was going to switch to fasthosts. Found out that they charged for individual MySQL databases.
They like many other large companies give you 30 days grace in dove-tailing your operations, so canceling with them was no problem.
I still run one of my sites with them.

Virtual Names
LPX was hosted with them for a number of years. Ran out of bandwidth.
Based in Somerset. Cheap and fast, simple and effective.

Christian technology
Nothing Christian about their service, no-one was prepared to deal with me sensibly.
Tested their service on this dns report, where you enter you domain name and it queries your server with a load of pertinent questions.
Christian technology failed on about 8. Quite serious ones as well.

I get the impression that once you get yourself high up in webperf you can forget about service. This is not the case.

Cliff, the owner runs a monitor repair service in his spare time and it took him over 3 days to manage a DNS handover leading to a large loss of traffic.
I need say no more.

Positive Internet
Featuring large gawnless giraffee character.
Not sure if he was in the office, dealt with my request or what his role is.
Other than that, they have kept the site up and running for the last two weeks. T
he service is cheap and good, although perhaps a little sparse.

Here’s a picture.

Positive Internet