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Things are going down…

Things are going down…

Like me on the Oxford canal, heading in a southward direction.

Not only that, but in many other areas of life in and across the world.

My life as a trader

You may or may not know that I spend a lot of my spare time looking at markets, reading economic journals and placing occasional trades on conventional and crypto assets. A day trader, you might say.

Taking in some of the moves in those markets, and predictions for the future leads me conclude that things are definitely moving, in a downward direction.🔻

I believe that life in the UK and the economy under the current prime minister is not viable, and given time will implode. Even in the last few days I read posts about Crispen Odey, one of Kwasi Kwarteng’s close friends, making 145% on UK bond crash, (below).

Relying on ‘trickle down economics‘ at a time of financial tsunami? It’s supplying those at the top with more incentive. Doesn’t make sense unless you want the top 5% to benefit significantly more at a time when they really don’t need any more.

This is the value of government 10 year gilts (debt bonds) going back to 2004

Even if you don’t understand this graph, (which I’m not going to explain), you can see the movements are pretty drastic.

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To Winwick

To Winwick

Just for a look around.

The tea rooms were open, but I arrived a bit late.

Whitwick Hall
Whitwick Hall

Whitwick Rectory
Whitwick Rectory

Whitwick Church of Michael all saint

This is a very small village, with some nice houses.

I made my way back using the gated byways.

Extinction events in Ashby st Ledgers

Extinction events in Ashby st Ledgers

Ashby st Ledgers, seat of the ‘gunpowder plot’ of 1605.

I cycled through there yesterday on the way to Daventry.

Ashby st Ledgers Manor
Ashby st Ledgers Manor

This is the manor house where the plot took shape.

It was gifted by William the Conqueror around the dates of the Norman conquest to one of his subjects, Hugh de Grandmesnil.

It’s a manor house in a classical style.

The gunpowder plot was planned in the building you see straight ahead, the gatehouse, set back in privacy from the main house.

When the plot was uncovered, as the seat of a criminal event, it passed to the ownership of the crown and since has had various owners, including the pension fund of British Airways! 

Asheby st Ledgers
Asheby st Ledgers

Crop sprayer

The rest of the village is picture postcard style, apart from this crop sprayer I noticed after inhaling noxious chemicals being blown through the hedge.

Co-Op farmer sprays his grass field
Co-Op farmer sprays his grass field

No wonder we have no wildlife in this country.

Mass extinction event

As you can see this guy is coating a grass field with chemicals, sanctioned by the UK’s largest landowner, Co-Op farms who own the fields and the land around Ashby st Ledgers.

The death and destruction of the UK bird and animal population, (insects in particular), is a crisis.

It’s a crisis that’s not being dealt with, or acknowledged.

I shared a facebook post on this the other day.

The broken capitalist system is sending the planet into an irreversible death spiral in the need for our constant insistence on ‘growth’.

The death is spreading.

In times to come…

Maybe a shared vision of the future like that that inspired the gunpowder plotters to do what they did isn’t there anymore. The unstoppable machine of capitalism will gobble all the resources and turn the planet to desert.

We’re cathartically drifting toward that future.

I suppose with the benevolent dictator model, there was always a chance we we’re going to aspire to a greater goal than the acquisition of more money and wordly goods.

I think that time has passed.

Bonnie Revival

Bonnie Revival

That’s right!

The Bonnie Journey is to be revived. And finished!

All the way to Lands End.

Not from here in Aldermaston. But from where I left off, Exeter where I sustained my knee injury.

Exeter to Tavistock

I’ll take the train down there. Pretty pleased the weather has deteriorated slightly.

Cycling at 30 degrees isn’t always that comfortable. Especially for upwards of 5 hours a day.

Gets a bit grating.

Journey begins tomorrow, when I will begin bringing you more tales from the road.

Taking a long walk….

Taking a long walk….

Tried fishing, but the canal seems a little shallow in the particular spot I’ve picked.

Unlike the other day, I’m not pulling them out one after the other, the bites are few and far between, and the fish are only tiddlers.

I decide after a couple of hours to give it up, and take to exploring my local environment instead.

Little Bedwyn and far away…

The smell of the meadows fresh in my nostrils, I took a wonder into these woods. And what a magical place it was.

Came out of the woods, walking across the ploughed field I notice a lucky omen, the HARE! Batting across the field….

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Get into Stonehenge free

Get into Stonehenge free

That’s it.

That’s the title. Get into Stonehenge free.

In case you didn’t know. Stonehenge is one of the oldest monolithical worship sites in the world.

No-one really knows where the stones came from, (much like Egypt). No-one really knows how the stones were erected.

All we know, is that people came here, to this hill and took on a semblance, a vision.
Through their shared vision, they drew up a plan…. to draw together some stones.
Stones unavailable in the area. Shipped stones.
Stones that had to be erected.
All drawn in a vision….

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