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Armed robbery Nether Heyford post office

Armed robbery Nether Heyford post office


Went to get my bread this morning. Couldn’t drive, the weather being cold, snowy and inclement.

I walked down to Nether Heyford post office and stores in the village.

I could see they had the shutter down on the left side. As I got closer, I could see a Police cordon.

Initially, I thought it was over the disabled ramp due to the ice, but as I looked closer I could see it was over both entrances.

The shop had in effect been cordoned off.

Shop Keeper

At this moment, one of the staff with her branded apron, popped her head out of the door.

“Sorry, we’re not going to be open this morning”…

“Been robbed again?” – says I.

After a slight pause, “Armed robbery. We won’t be able to open until about 3.”

Gave her the thumbs up, and began my trudge back to the car.

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