China: Wisdom and leadership with a friendly face

China: Wisdom and leadership with a friendly face

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Read this article about us all holding on to our knickers with regard to the China situation.

The author cites the cause of the problem being the shift toward free-market.

The problems in liberalization of capital markets are causing instability.

China is a fine place to invest after all.Chinese Gambling

Having lived there, I know many of the problems first hand.

Confucian bureaucracy

Yes, China is a bureaucracy.

And as they say, the bureaucracy feeds the bureaucracy. Making the bureaucracy feed the capitalism may cause problems.

Not just, as the author suggests, in the logistical, functional, and organisational aspects, but also in cultural. And China has 5,000 years of culture as any Chinese man will be more than willing to tell you.

Making a cultural shift from Communist Bureaucracy to Free market capitalism takes time. Maybe a generation. Maybe longer.

Prizing the economy from the hands of the Chinese may be more difficult than simply changing the rules to make it possible.A Chinese national flag flutters outside the headquarters of the People's Bank of China in Beijing

Cultural shift

Culture may in the long-run, be the whole scheme and NWO’s downfall, in trying to create a ‘new’ culture AND make people believe in it….

Traditionally, Chinese believe in wisdom and leadership.

These are things we don’t appreciate in the west.

We believe in money and goods.

The trick to convert both Cultural and Financial aspects before the crisis, now seems impossible.
As more and more question the validity of the Chinese model, the economic ‘carrot’ is evaporating.

The dream the goods and money, is in essence, evaporating before the Chinese eyes’.


No money, no honey

…As the saying goes…

God only knows what the Chinese will do then.

Here’s the article.

Keeping the faith in China

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