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Made my first sino-internet booking yesterday.

ELong are part of the Expedia group of companies one of their representatives Adam Clayton, VP of Sales was speaking at the eye for travel conference.

The system over here is very different. Suffice to say I got better service out of Elong than I did Ctrip, another travel operator staking claim to the internet travel market in China.
Ctrip refused to recognise cities I was typing into the search. It may have been my mistake.
Elong got the booking.

The system is still cash based so don’t expect real-time confirmations, credit card details and e-tickets. A Chinese person will turn up at your hotel on a scruffy rickshall with a set of paper tickets in hand, take your money, then ride off.
Nothing more advanced than that.

Mine are due to turn up tomorrow, so we’ll see how this techno-poor approach deals with the demands of modern western travel expectations.

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