Get into Stonehenge free

Get into Stonehenge free

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That’s it.

That’s the title. Get into Stonehenge free.

In case you didn’t know. Stonehenge is one of the oldest monolithical worship sites in the world.

No-one really knows where the stones came from, (much like Egypt). No-one really knows how the stones were erected.

All we know, is that people came here, to this hill and took on a semblance, a vision.
Through their shared vision, they drew up a plan…. to draw together some stones.
Stones unavailable in the area. Shipped stones.
Stones that had to be erected.
All drawn in a vision….

This vision is Stonehenge.

Getting into Stonehenge free

You don’t need to pay to get into Stonehenge, despite it costing £16.50.

There are many public footpaths running across the land.

When you visit the visitors centre. If you walk round the side. You can actually walk right up to the site. You don’t need to pay a penny.

It’s free.

Here’s some pictures that I took.

I haven’t written any posts recently.

But I can’t think that this isn’t interesting.

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