Guide to applying for a Z-visa

Guide to applying for a Z-visa

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Found this guide to applying for a Z-visa, the pre-runner to a ‘residents permit’ in China.

Most employers help with the process which requires specific documents from both the employer and employee.

This guide is written by the US Embassy. It broadly covers most foreigners applying for a Z-visa, except

  • In the cost of the Visa.
  • Submission addresses and details.
  • Non-western Europe, America’s have different visa arrangements/requirements.

Everything else is the same. It’s a valuable read for anyone planning to visit China working for the first time

New eBook: Guide to Z Visas and Work Authorization in China

This free Guide summarizes the requirements and procedures to apply for work authorization in China on the basis of an employment permit issued by a local Human Resources and Social Security (HRSS) bureau. Each step of the process is covered: employment license, visa notification letter, Z visa and entry, medical examination, work permit, and residence permit. Issues related to accompanying family members are covered as well. The Guide concludes with a discussion of additional terms and conditions of stay in China for workers and their family members.

Guide to applying for a Z-visa
Guide to applying for a Z-visa: Download


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