It’s been a while…

It’s been a while…

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And I’ve been busy at Cropredy’s ‘Fairport Convention’.

Not an intentional stopover in as much as more of a co-ordinated arrival.

Due down

This way after my engine stop up in the Northern reaches. Cropredy is kind of the first real stop on the section of canal that I now habit.


Or Cropredy is some people call it.

It has many things to recommend it, especially if you happen to drop in when the festival is on, which I did.

Being on the boat, I was able to enjoy it from start to finish without charge, or accommodation charge, to be more clear.

I paid for one night at the festival, and snuck in for 1/2 a night after about 9.30pm when the gate people weren’t so bothered.

Cropredy fringe

There were also many fringey things going on, which were on the most part free live music set up by local establishments to make money on the bar.

Some were good. Some were less so, or not even free at all, and then to make money on the bar, no names mentioned (Brasenose)….

Varney Lock

Due to the expected congestion in the village, I moored slightly out of the way at somewhere called Varney Lock.

Here’s some pictures.

Varney Lock 23 Oxford Canal
Varney Lock 23 Oxford Canal
Varney Lock 23 Oxford Canal
Varney Lock 23 Oxford Canal

The weather was absolutely astounding. Nothing short of amazing for my whole stay.

Couldn’t have asked for moor!

Nick Wolfe who owned the working boat in front had a few problems with the sun heating up his wooden cabin.

This caused the wood to expand and crack the paint. Over time, and with the addition of water, it can cause the wood to warp.

He had to drape a damp cloth over the sunny side and water it throughout the day.

My steel cabin attracted none such problems!

Eventually, after nearly a week in the sun, Nick moved his boat down to a lower pound under the trees where the sun was less strong.

It’s his working boat that’s pictured above.

Bad band. Width.

Eventually, all things must come to an end.

And as anyone who knows anything about satellite phone reception masts knows, they have a limited amount of bandwidth which they can serve up.

My stay in Cropredy was cut short by the fact that the mobile phone provider I was with had effectively ‘spent’ the bandwidth that they had purchased on the local mast and the bandwith (signal) had dropped right off to the point that the internet was useless.

I need the internet, both for work, this blog, and for leisure.

After 2 weeks of fairly slow internet, I decided it would be better to move to Banbury, back to civilisation (5g) and the constant drone of the M40. 😐

Here’s some pictures from the Festival and around and about the place

2 thoughts on “It’s been a while…

  1. Festival looked good and the weather amazing. Banbury is not a bad place to be and phone reception is good x

  2. It looks and sounds a good stopover – glad you enjoyed it
    I like the shots of Bonnie from the field and the young cattle coming to drink from the canal – very nice to look at.

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