Jordan border crossing

Jordan border crossing

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Am now in Aquaba Jordan after a slightly prolonged stay in Israel.

Border Problems

Got delayed which led to a late arrival at the Jordanian border, which is pretty close about 8KM from Egypt.

I was delayed and the border closed @ 8pm.

I had to wait till 6am the next morning on the benches outside the border crossing.

The border crossing itself was like something from the iron curtain; all landmine strips, watchtowers and dogs.

Made for a memorable crossing, got to wonder through Elat prime Israel resort, visit Herod’s or the King’s Resort a cultural head ducking for a Christian. The fact that the Jews celebrate this King who almost destroyed our King and Saviour as well as murdering a load of his own, innocent people in the process seems slightly alien, to say the least.

I’m sure many Christians would be outraged by the existence of a Herod’s, and is really not something to celebrate. Still, we’ll be back in Israel and we can delve into that deeper later.

Monkeys bar

Took this picture from outside the Monkeys bar Elat, on the promenade you can find top hotels, eateries, stalls with candy floss, designer goods, bits and pieces and lots of Jewish youths wandering around.

Monkeys bar – Elat, Israel


Have eventually reached Aquaba.

Have to arrange a tour for tomorrow, to a site know as Wadi-rum, a geo-wonderland explored by camel incorporating some spectacular rock formations in desert climate which should be fun. I’m into my rocks.

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