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UK company creates Zombie-Proof shed

UK company creates Zombie-Proof shed

The end is nigh. Many of us are aware of this, it’s just in what shape it grabs us.

This is a solution for those who suspect they may eat, sorry, meet their end at the hands of the undead in the form of Zombie Apocalypse, (a subject that has been playing on everyone’s minds).

This savvy British company has seen the niche in the market, and with full research and patents pending, moved in there to corner the market.

A welcome addition to any des-res, it’s your own zombie-proof shed! Prices start at around £70,000 and can be embellished to include additional features, (which will obviously protect you and your loved ones better).

Remember where you read it first.


Zombie proof shed
Protect from the undead

Survival can be yours for £69,995 – with free delivery and a ’10-year anti-zombie guarantee’ 

If the prospect of a zombie apocalypse weighs heavy on your mind, British firm Tiger Log Cabins have just the product.

The firm are advertising ‘the world’s first’ zombie-proof log cabin – designed to withstand the bloodiest of zombie attacks.

The ZFC-1, or ‘Zombie Fortification Cabin’ in full, comes complete with a 10-year anti-zombie guarantee which promises to be strong and secure enough to stop any walking dead from getting inside.

It also boasts a barbed wire surround, an escape hatch, a storage unit to stow your chosen weaponry and a 360-degree vantage point to keep a close eye on impending zombie attackers.

Zombie proof shed

Sold with the strapline ‘Get yours, before they get you!’ the cabin comes with a price tag of £69,995. VAT and delivery are included, but installation will set you back a further £12,995.00.

Prospective purchasers also have the option of buying add-ons, including a flame thrower (price on application), security cameras (£1,795.00) and a riot protection outfit (£2,495.00).

If you’re suspicious this product may not be entirely legitimate, the guarantee small print probably won’t help to convince you. It reads: “Please note – we require medical evidence of the presence of a real zombie should you wish to claim under the 10 year anti zombie guarantee”.

Zombie proof shed

Whether or not the company would actually honour an order for the zombie cabin remains to be seen, but there are already a number of reviews on their website from happy customers – and a couple of disgruntled zombies.


We’re not only country to be preoccupied with the threat of a zombie apocalypse. Last month Kansas declared October “Zombie preparedness month”.

Source: Picturesdotnews

Trip to yellow mountain – Huangshan Hot Springs

Trip to yellow mountain – Huangshan Hot Springs

You’ll find the Huangshan Hot Springs a short ride down from the west entrance to the park.

Buy a ticket on the bus for 8 yuan. Alternatively , walk down , it’s 1.5km and signposted.
I’d done enough walking for the day.°

Hot Springs Roman Bath
Hot Springs Roman Bath

Best Western – Huangshan Hot Springs

These springs are run by Best Western. A hotel chain that Franchises residences worldwide.
They aren’t the best hotels, but they do have a good general standard. Some of them are in unusual locations, like this one, and the quality is generally good.

There were a selection of 8 different pools, all fed from the natural hot springs at the foot of the mountains. Each spring had a different property introduced by the owner. There was —

Citrus Spring – Infused with lemon and other citrus. The spring was said to introduce the natural vitamin C through the skin. 38°C

Tea Spring – Infused with green tea. Didn’t see any leaves. Felt like a normal spring. Said to aid the dissolution of anti-oxidants in the skin. 40°C.

Sand bath – Basically, pebbles of sand in a deep pool of hot, sulphourus spring water.

Fish Spring – Filled with tiny living fishies. The fishies come up and eat your dead skin. You have to be careful as not to stand on the little blighters when you get in. Tickles at first. This was definitely fun, and something I’ve not seen before. 40°C

Hot Springs Fish Pool
Hot Springs Fish Pool

Hot Spring – Just a normal hot spring. 40°C.

Monkey Spring – Hot with a large monkey pouring out water on the Chinese below… Hot 40+°C.

Roman Spring – In a Roman style. Large and opulent. 38°C

Roman Bath – In a circular ‘bath’ style. 30+°C

As well as the facilities which included a steam room and sauna, (my favorite).

Came out of here feeling a lot better for my soak. Took the taxi down to town which cost another 20 yuan.

Comes well recommended if you happen to be up that way.


Yangcheng Lake – Kunshan

Yangcheng Lake – Kunshan

Fairmont Hotel - Yangchen Lake, Kunshan
Fairmont Hotel – Yangchen Lake, Kunshan

Taking a little trip around this lake.

Seems to be surrounded by married couples. I got ravaged by a lake monster. I made my way to the hotel, (luckily). It was from here I bolstered my constitution with bottles of Corona, whilst taking a short walk around the expansive gardens.

Fairmont hotel, Yangcheng Lake

There were many things to be seen here such as herbaceous gardens and fishing wu mao’s. The paths were so expansive, it was difficult to believe we were still in the grounds of the hotel. The Fairmont Yangcheng Lake. Bumped into some sunburned laowai in the lift on the way back down to the pool. We exchanged knowing smiles.

Fairmont Hotel - Yangchen Lake
Fairmont Hotel – Yangchen Lake

The staff were on the whole, friendly, and when I turned on the hot tap, hot water came out! This is not something to be frowned at in China!

Bak to the BBQ

I was originally invited to the BBQ by a mystery source.

This turned out not to be a member of Linestart, the company I work for, but a pupil! Although I spent some time with them, I get the feeling I should go back and socialise. Make out I’m really a friendly type of bloke.

Yangchen Lake - Kunshan
Yangchen Lake – Kunshan

I drag my arse back there. Now appearing by the lake are many happy Chinese couple!

Chatting to my fellow BBQ members, I gain the gen on the throwing of the bouquet, which will apparently give me health and a long life, not like the West where we will be the next to marry, but you will grow up big and strong with hairs on your chest. Which probably explains why all the men where about smashing their way forward to get a hold of it.

I love this sense of fairness amongst the sexes in China!

I love England, you love China

Chatting to some foreign girls, and they tell me all about what is good in England. I tell them it is a shithole and that I would never want to go back there, but they say the weather is fine and the food is amazing!

They tell me a couple of stories and I tell them a couple. Then we go.

Here are some photo’s.

Marriott Blog worth $5 million

Marriott Blog worth $5 million

In additional clicks the company, one of my favourite world-wide hoteliers, tells us.

A conversational blog by it’s founder and CEO Bill Marriott ranks amongst a list of 15 blogs (by sitepoint) where the corporate’s have got it right.

Here’s a picture from my favourite Marriott, Marriott Jordan Valley. Cheap, and great breakfast, I’d recommend it to those visiting the ruins who can’t get bookings at the Movenpick (founded by relatives of the Swiss Explorer who discovered the ruins and in the ideal situation).

Jordan Valley @ dawn

Best and Worst – Hotels in Egypt

Best and Worst – Hotels in Egypt

Having travelled the length and width of Egypt roughly 7,000km, I feel I’m in a position to give information on what I found to be the best and the worst hotels in Egypt.

Best hotel in Egypt
Iberhotel – Luxor: $100 per night. View over the Nile. 10 minute walk into town, what more could you ask for?

luxor iberhotels view
Shot of the Iberhotel Luxor

Book Here:-  Iberhotel Luxor

Worst hotel in Egypt
Hyatt – Cairo: $400 per night. Rude service. Domineering attitude. Made life difficult at every opportunity. A poor choice for any non-arab staying in Cairo. 

Hyatt Cairo

Book Here:-

No Rocks for Mikey

No Rocks for Mikey

KML 30.304 35.46339

No rocks for me.

After some credit card overheating problems, I’ve decided to cut my loses and move on to the site of Petra, which is one of the main sites and named one of the 7 wonders of the world.

Currently stationed at the Marriott, Petra after a 3-4 hour dolmus trip costing 5JD Jordanian Dinars.

1JD = 0.75GBP So that works out pretty cheap, about £4.

Tomorrow I’ll be exploring one of the most exciting sites in the middle east.

petra-jordan sunrise
Marriott Petra Jordan