Yangcheng Lake – Kunshan

Yangcheng Lake – Kunshan

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Fairmont Hotel - Yangchen Lake, Kunshan
Fairmont Hotel – Yangchen Lake, Kunshan

Taking a little trip around this lake.

Seems to be surrounded by married couples. I got ravaged by a lake monster. I made my way to the hotel, (luckily). It was from here I bolstered my constitution with bottles of Corona, whilst taking a short walk around the expansive gardens.

Fairmont hotel, Yangcheng Lake

There were many things to be seen here such as herbaceous gardens and fishing wu mao’s. The paths were so expansive, it was difficult to believe we were still in the grounds of the hotel. The Fairmont Yangcheng Lake. Bumped into some sunburned laowai in the lift on the way back down to the pool. We exchanged knowing smiles.

Fairmont Hotel - Yangchen Lake
Fairmont Hotel – Yangchen Lake

The staff were on the whole, friendly, and when I turned on the hot tap, hot water came out! This is not something to be frowned at in China!

Bak to the BBQ

I was originally invited to the BBQ by a mystery source.

This turned out not to be a member of Linestart, the company I work for, but a pupil! Although I spent some time with them, I get the feeling I should go back and socialise. Make out I’m really a friendly type of bloke.

Yangchen Lake - Kunshan
Yangchen Lake – Kunshan

I drag my arse back there. Now appearing by the lake are many happy Chinese couple!

Chatting to my fellow BBQ members, I gain the gen on the throwing of the bouquet, which will apparently give me health and a long life, not like the West where we will be the next to marry, but you will grow up big and strong with hairs on your chest. Which probably explains why all the men where about smashing their way forward to get a hold of it.

I love this sense of fairness amongst the sexes in China!

I love England, you love China

Chatting to some foreign girls, and they tell me all about what is good in England. I tell them it is a shithole and that I would never want to go back there, but they say the weather is fine and the food is amazing!

They tell me a couple of stories and I tell them a couple. Then we go.

Here are some photo’s.

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    1. You can do that anywhere in the world. Apart from maybe Saudi, parts of the middle east or some weird places like Singapore or Malaysia.
      I like your icon by the way! Did you chose it so it looked so much like you, or was it just chance?

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