Big Freedom Lady

Big Freedom Lady

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So, teaching my class and where do you want to go and one guy says ‘New York’ because he’s saving face on not being able to say Rio de Janerio.

So I say ‘Ok, why‘? And he says ‘I think it’s a very exciting place, and I want to see the……. uuuuhhhh……. ummmmm……..‘ moves his hands around, like so in front of his face and round his head. And one of his classmates turns around and says. ‘the big freedom lady‘?

The big freedom lady I say ‘yes, there is that there‘. And this is funny.

Here’s a picture of the big freedom lady from my archives.

4 thoughts on “Big Freedom Lady

  1. when i showed a picture of the real landmark in NYC to my class a student called her “the goddess of freedom”

  2. What age are those kids? I used to teach at middle school and the kids there used to come out with some sh*t.

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