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Linestart New Year’s Party

Linestart New Year’s Party


Pullman Hotel - Kunshan

We know that Chinese New Year is coming up.

The boss at Linestart, Rob, has a new business venture.
It’s in association with one the local hotels, it’s a bar.

You might not think that a bar and speaking English have much in common. But this is an English Bar! And yes, drinking has everything to do with speaking English. Even when you’re in China.

Having usage of this new venue/promotional vehicle. Rob set out to make the party at his place. The ‘hotel’ rather than house. I suppose it saved his wife a whole lot of cooking.

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Kunshan wgc – World gaming conference 2013

Kunshan wgc – World gaming conference 2013

Spent the day at the world gaming conference which basically consisted of a load of nerds and girls dressed up in bunny costumes.

Got some of the girls in bunny costumes on film so read on.

World Gaming Conference Kunshan  2013
World Gaming Conference 2013


Place was jammed. The queue was at least two hours long when I got there.
Being from England this presents a great opportunity to doff one’s cap in a mustn’t grumble manner.

So I queued for 45 minutes.

Very nice experience. Chatting to some Australian teacher. Works at web English and his Chinese friends all very nice.

When I got in eventually, this was like a large explosion in my head, almost indescribable.

Anyway, got there in the end.

The whole event was being staged at the Conference Center in Kunshan. Two buildings. Large and modern with all the character of a pair of grain silos. Still. Hung out in there for a little while.


Bought a MURLOCK!

He’s looking to grow a little perhaps. Seems a bit anemic at the moment. Got him from the Warcraft Tent. They had lot’s of bits and pieces in there which seemed familiar to me from back in my Warcraft days.

Couldn’t resist the Murlock. They have a kind of legendary status in Warcraft. Maybe the first thing you’re going to do is get into a fight with some Murlocks. They’re pretty useless really.

This one is a baby Murlock. He wouldn’t do any serious damage to my warlock!

World Gaming Conference 2013
Players Lounge

Hung out in the players lounge.

Didn’t realise at first. Thought it was a TV behind the stage for official types. It was only when the people got up onto that stage. I’d been sitting and chatting with these people that were the competitors for the past hour or so.

Met a friend

World Gaming Conference 2013
Hai. (looks better from the side)

That I used to play badminton with.

Didn’t remember exactly what it was I said to her. She said it was a good one liner anyhow. Didn’t recognise her at first.

All in all a good day.

Even though I’m not massively into gaming anymore found it pretty good to wander around and came home feeling pretty glad I’d gone even though the shocking reputation gamers have. They are not to be shunned, some are normal people. I mean who doesn’t play games on their mobile phone??

Tablets are just made for games, judging by the popularity of the event, games are a guilty pleasure that people just don’t want to admit they’d had. (Like this girl on the right).

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Bits and bobs

Bits and bobs

Tyler, my new American housemate popped into my room looking for painkillers.

Turns out he’d been hit by a car.

Waiting at the end of the road, it had been looking the other way and run over his foot and smashed into his leg!

Haha. Ooops!

He looked fairly stressed, so I gave him some of moms best, which had been passed to me by my other American housemate, Ed.

He looked at them and said ‘thanks sir’.

Now that’s an approach I like.

I had to shout at a Chinese yesterday. Just blatantly pushed in. Shouted ‘HEY’ at the top of my voice. Seemed to do the job.

Next thing Chinese comes and mows me down on an E-bike! Crazy fucker just ran straight into me! This made me a little angry, as I shouted ‘what’s wrong with you! Are you stupid! JESSUS’ (I don’t believe in him because Christmas is so Commercial).

Shanghai Old Town

Shanghai Old Town

After the problems with my little tablet. I had to return to Shanghai, the Baoshan Road market.

I took two of my students from Foxconn and after did a little bit of shopping around town.

Shanghai Old Town
Don’t smile too much (you may hurt your face)
Emily + Amy

Here’s some pics.

Is that your Chick?

Is that your Chick?

Yah! I leiked the yellow one!

Coloured baby chicken

The Chinese are fond of selling helpless little animals, be they turtles, chicks or little bunnies…

They also have goldfish…

I’m not sure about the prices on them. I always feel sorry for them as I pass them by.