Bits and bobs

Bits and bobs

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Tyler, my new American housemate popped into my room looking for painkillers.

Turns out he’d been hit by a car.

Waiting at the end of the road, it had been looking the other way and run over his foot and smashed into his leg!

Haha. Ooops!

He looked fairly stressed, so I gave him some of moms best, which had been passed to me by my other American housemate, Ed.

He looked at them and said ‘thanks sir’.

Now that’s an approach I like.

I had to shout at a Chinese yesterday. Just blatantly pushed in. Shouted ‘HEY’ at the top of my voice. Seemed to do the job.

Next thing Chinese comes and mows me down on an E-bike! Crazy fucker just ran straight into me! This made me a little angry, as I shouted ‘what’s wrong with you! Are you stupid! JESSUS’ (I don’t believe in him because Christmas is so Commercial).

2 thoughts on “Bits and bobs

  1. Look out for those electric automobiles they ard REALLY quiet one doesn’t always hear them approach….mighty dangerous they are 🙁

  2. As any Christ-mas lover will tell you, there’s no need to be concerned about believing in Jessuss, because Jessuss believes in you !! (About as much as Toshiba does, anyway.)

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