Bonnie does London – Henley-on-Thames to Windsor

Bonnie does London – Henley-on-Thames to Windsor

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Bonnie is all warmed up now, and ready to go…

So here we go, down to London!

A morning in Henley

Woke up and felt slightly hung over…

Not too bad, but delayed my setting off…

Did an engine check: This is where you 1) Check oil. 2) Check coolant 3) Grease…

You’re also going to notice any excess water in the engine bay.

You really need to do it every morning. Takes about 3 minutes.

If you don’t do it… and all your coolant’s boiled off, that will mean; your engine seizes, locks up and you lose steering, crashing into the next object in your path which will slow the boat down, from approx 5mph to 0 in 0ft.

It’s a 2-3 min check.

In the park..

Was nice waking up in the park. I looked out on the opposite bank.

It was a series individually designed, river facing properties.

Oxfordshire to Berkshire

The border is in Henley.

If you cross the bridge in Henley, you’re in Berkshire!

It’s about 1/2 mile out of town on the Thames, so here I am in Berkshire.

Took it easy today. 23 miles travelled according to Viewranger.


1st time out of Oxfordshire since May time. I’m now moored up in Windsor. Maybe 1/2 mile walking distance from Windsor Castle, looking at Googlemaps, probably one of the best tourist attractions in Britain!

Mooring is nice. Cost me £10 for the night.

Journey mostly uneventful.

Had a quick lunch in Maidenhead, looked at the ‘markets’, which were doing nothing, and moved on.

Pulled in in Windsor in fairly strong flows.

Pulled in behind a ‘widebeam’ which I didn’t notice from the main stream, it had used two bollards to secure at the front rather than one.

As I pulled in, I could see his lines were going to restrict the front of my boat, more importantly the rear which was facing the flow, from moving away from the bank.

Had a quick look around. There were mooring on the Island which I’d just passed, Baths Island, which was also further away from the main railway line into London which was pretty noisey.

Had a quick reccie, and moved the boat over there.


Went to Express Tesco, one of the little ones, to get some rice and beer.

Beer was overpriced, so put it back. Just took the rice.

Went to Waitrose. Tried to get some Leffé there, they’d sold out!

Had some whisky left at home so bought some tonic and called it quits….

Windsor seemed nice….

No more planes

One of the main things you notice down this end of the world: 10th the number of planes in the sky(as pre-covid).

It’s a form of pollution that people become aware of when it disappears.

Maybe it’s the noise they create. The subtle background roar of their engines, and their chemtrails gently polluting the sky.

The world is certainly better without them, especially out West (London) here.

Good riddance.

The countrified scenes on the Thames were undisturbed….

Des Res day 2

_So many des-ress’s that it’s now becoming moot…

I’m going to do todays’, then only include the most SICK displays of opulence for you, my punters….

So here are today’s Des Res’s from the Thames Valley.

Night out in Windsor

Went to a Microbrewery called the Windsor & Eton Brewery & Taproom which had an Oktoberfest theme on. Home brewed cider and beers. Of which there were about 10-15, so no shortage of things to try beer, IPA cider and stout.

I had ‘Fanny’s Bramble’ cider. I’ve no idea who Fanny is, but it tasted ok.

Walked into Windsor proper. Had a pint in The Carpenters Arms. They had all the halloween decor up. Seemed fairly decent. Had a beer called a ‘Camden’ pils.

Went to ‘spoons. Didn’t realise it was a ‘spoons until it was too late.

Barmaid asked me to slide some glasses down the overhead rail to her, one of the other punters availed her and she took the hump with me!

When it came time to be served, they, like the Brewery, had an Oktober theme on which had a number of ‘guest’ beers. I was reading up on these beers. Made my choice, then stood there waiting.

The guy next to me had to tell her I was waiting when she went to serve him before me. I asked her for a beer off the ‘Oktoberfest Menu’, she started coming out with all this ‘which one’, making me repeat the names of them. Then eventually she said, ‘oh, we only have the ones you see here” which was about 4 pumps at the front of the bar, even though there were about 15 beers on the beer menu.

Didn’t believe that, at all, so told her to go f*ck herself, and made off back for the boat.

Late start

Today, I’m moving behind schedule.

I sold an item on ebay, this morning I had to post it off.

Also, the engine has a problem with the engine oil finding it’s way into the coolant. Not a little bit, but a lot of oil.

Took me a while to syringe it out and make good with some new oil and new coolant.

I have to do a pump out at one of these sanitary stations along the way. So, a busy day.

I’m going to have lunch now and get going.

One thought on “Bonnie does London – Henley-on-Thames to Windsor

  1. Hope the engine is ok and you catch up on your schedule, safely. Not sure how far you have to run on the tidal part of the Thames before reaching the Grand Union…. I suspect it will be good to be back on the canal system again where life is a tad more gentle and less hurried.. travel safely and happily. xxx

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