Bonnie in London – Windsor to Kingston

Bonnie in London – Windsor to Kingston

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Due to late night excesses yesterday, I didn’t manage to get things done as quickly as I would have liked which ended up in my setting off after eating (lunch).

That made it a non-stop afternoon.

I’m now in Kingston on Thames, where my wee sister was born all those years ago. Many, many years ago… 😀


Took very few pictures today.

Perhaps some of the more picturesque aspects of the Thames have dropped off as we’ve got closer into London.

No more rolling hills verdant woodland. More railways and high rise.

This is what I saw….

Teddington Lock

I need to catch this at high tide or close to.

That simply means I can ride the tide down to Brentford and go in the locks there.

There’s also Richmond Lock which I need to pass through.

Apparently, this costs £8 unless you reach there within an hour either side of high tide, in which case they open up the barrier, and you can go through for free.

Brentford Lock

This is the entry point from River to Canal.

After speaking with the attendant at Teddington Lock tonight, it’s pretty unclear what the general set up is.

My plan is simple though – Turn up and blag.

I need to be well down the Paddington Arm for Monday morning.

That’s what I intend to do.

2 thoughts on “Bonnie in London – Windsor to Kingston

  1. All the best with this leg of your journey…hope Bonnie behaves and the wind and tides are set fair. travel safely and enjoy xx

  2. I’m fully agreed with with Pauline – but YOU behave, too 🙂

    Whichever way it goes, have a good Monday!

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