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Bye bye Edward!

Bye bye Edward!

Housemate from the US has parted company.

He had problems with meeting his responsibilities , and at the weekend had a bottle of beer. Or two , some Bacardi , and also some vodka.

I disappeared for the weekend , went to Nanjing.
When I came back, I heard the sound of tins being opened early in the morning.
About 6am.

This isn’t the first time this has happened.
Last weekend he drank all my brandy and the police came round because he was outside smashing things up.

He had a habit of sleeping in odd places ‘close to nature’.
People would wake me to come to the aid of Edward, outside, in a pool of his own wee (or whatever ). Sometimes he was conscious , sometimes not.

China has it’s fair share of alcoholic teachers.
The Russian I used to work with was drunk 24/7.
One of the other teachers commented “I never realized he was drunk till I saw him sober .”

Another stocked up on Bijiou to get him through his day at Kindle.

On Monday it all came to a head when Ed turned up for work on the sauce.
Police were called. Poor Eddie had to spend the best part of the day in the cells explaining and clearing things up with the Chinese authorities 。

Employers , linestart have threatened to blackball him.
Effectively making it impossible for him to get work in China.

There’s a letter.

China blackballed
China blackballed
Kunshan Forest Park

Kunshan Forest Park

And ecological center.

Did an English corner on it yesterday. There are many species of dolphin swimming in the water, (apparentely), you can buy icecream and there are also Chinese here.

There’s only one entrance to the park, as I discovered when I cycled around trying to get out.

Here’s some pics.

Park Dolphin
Ecology park
Ecology park
Evil patronage is the only patronage

Evil patronage is the only patronage

So. Patients, sorry pupils from Wistron took me out for a meal on Thursday after finishing their course the week before at the Parkson hotel – Kunshan.

Nice group of people. I’m pretty sure Wistron is the best factory around, and they’re pretty lucky to have a job there.
All good people…
Sounding familiar?

Nope. Yeah. Doesn’t matter?

Lost soul

Anyhow. Found this maggot in my au deurve. I was just explaining the differences between the foreign deserts. I looked down and saw this small movement. As I bent over to look closer, in my summer fruit flan I spotted I small, (very small), maggot, perched between an apple slice and a glacé cherry waving it’s head around (in that way that maggots do).

It was very small, but it was enough to gain the attention of my Chinese colleagues.

Parkson Kunshan
Summer anybody?

The maggot was soon a star! The whole restaurant had gathered round the maggot, people snapping it with their phones, jostling closer to get a better look… Laughing, smiling.

The restaurant owner arrived. I told her the maggot wasn’t really welcome, and although I wouldn’t mind eating it, (because it was so small), I didn’t feel that was appropriate behavior in a restaurant of this stature, (did she expect me to eat it? I don’t know).

She made off with the maggot and my puddings, which I was a bit disappointed about.

Soon she returned, and as we were leaving said “I’m very, very sorry about your food. I’d like to give you this bottle of wine”, looked kind of cheap, but Jacobs Creek in China is £11 and this was an Argentinean White. After perusal and consideration, careful consultation with colleagues, we kind of agreed that this was OK for me.

Organiser of the meal, Eric, was still not totally happy.

But I left it there.

Dire maggot

Wine tastes great. And I’d like to thank all the wild beasts of the world for providing it for me.

Osado Chardonnay
Osado Chardonnay

Should have a maggot on the label.
I know under normal circumstances, I would’ve eaten it, but that was inappropriate. So hey.

Kunshan sports and athletic center

Kunshan sports and athletic center

Had a trip up here in the lunch hour on my e-bike.

Vast complex and no-one around.

It’s next to the forest park. A popular spot for Chinese yearning the simple life.

Had a look at the swimming pool then rode back.

It’s much too fare from my house , plus other one is cheaper and has an outside pool where I can sunbathe.

So. Yeah. Nice ride not worth the bother.

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Lost bike card

Lost bike card

Lost my bike card.

Put it on the machine and thought I was being clever.
The only problem was i drove off before picking it up.

Had to go to the little bike stand and show my passport plus receipts and everything.

Didn’t cost much (259) but i’m anticipating this will become more maybe.

The woman in the stand said she’d ring me up.

I might drop in to see them, find out what’s going on in the next couple of days.

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Kunshan public bike scheme

Kunshan public bike scheme


Have managed to acquire one of these since discovering my postal address.


It’s a free to access municipal e-bike .

They close at around 9pm , so you can’t drive it round all night.

They have a basket on the front which is ok for a little shopping.

The best thing about them is the stations, which are everywhere around town making it easy to pick one up or swop if you don’t like the one you have.

Haven’t crashed one yet , but one of the guys at work and I are thinking of making a stunt video with one .
Few jumps and a little freestyle that kind of thing.

Keep you posted on that.
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