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Linestart New Year’s Party

Linestart New Year’s Party


Pullman Hotel - Kunshan

We know that Chinese New Year is coming up.

The boss at Linestart, Rob, has a new business venture.
It’s in association with one the local hotels, it’s a bar.

You might not think that a bar and speaking English have much in common. But this is an English Bar! And yes, drinking has everything to do with speaking English. Even when you’re in China.

Having usage of this new venue/promotional vehicle. Rob set out to make the party at his place. The ‘hotel’ rather than house. I suppose it saved his wife a whole lot of cooking.

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Taicang 3 and 3 Nursery – Halloween Party (rehersal)

Taicang 3 and 3 Nursery – Halloween Party (rehersal)

Warm up for the Halloween party.

All the little kiddies are dressed up for the dress rehersal. Teachers Juicy wants me to get dressed as a pumpkin!

This is not going to be anything I intend to make any money out of. Maybe I should dress as a sweet.

Here’s some pic’s.

Taicang 3 and 3

Taicang 3 and 3 Taicang 3 and 3

The kids are all preparing for their little dance routine.

Most of them forget their stuff all the while, but they seem to be having fun.

Party itself is due at the end of the month.