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Bye bye Edward!

Bye bye Edward!

Housemate from the US has parted company.

He had problems with meeting his responsibilities , and at the weekend had a bottle of beer. Or two , some Bacardi , and also some vodka.

I disappeared for the weekend , went to Nanjing.
When I came back, I heard the sound of tins being opened early in the morning.
About 6am.

This isn’t the first time this has happened.
Last weekend he drank all my brandy and the police came round because he was outside smashing things up.

He had a habit of sleeping in odd places ‘close to nature’.
People would wake me to come to the aid of Edward, outside, in a pool of his own wee (or whatever ). Sometimes he was conscious , sometimes not.

China has it’s fair share of alcoholic teachers.
The Russian I used to work with was drunk 24/7.
One of the other teachers commented “I never realized he was drunk till I saw him sober .”

Another stocked up on Bijiou to get him through his day at Kindle.

On Monday it all came to a head when Ed turned up for work on the sauce.
Police were called. Poor Eddie had to spend the best part of the day in the cells explaining and clearing things up with the Chinese authorities 。

Employers , linestart have threatened to blackball him.
Effectively making it impossible for him to get work in China.

There’s a letter.

China blackballed
China blackballed
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Pacific Rim – Foxconn outside lesson

Pacific Rim – Foxconn outside lesson


Had to get pupils involved in an outdoor lesson.
Took them to see Pacific Rim at the cinema.

It’s an English speaking film and I thought we could get some discussion out of it…
Better than walking around Tinglin park with my finger up my arse.

Lets go by bike!

Here’s a picture of the cycle ride down there (i thought they were joking when they said go by bike , they weren’t , they were serious).

We got there and had a bit of a drama.
Got some popcorn and coke and things settled down….

One of the girls had a discount card and we paid around 60 yuan for 8 people.

Chinese trip out
Waiting at Tinglin Road, Kunshan

Pacific rim

The film is about robots vs aliens.

It’s nice cgi and effects made it a bit of a boys film.

Most of the action was centered around the fight to save earth from monster controlled aliens.

These alien were secretly being controlled by robots from earth who were controlled, secretly, by humans.

With secret control, monsters and aliens.. I enjoyed it.

The acting was terrible.

Couldn’t eat our two tubs of popcorn.

Was fun though.
The Chinese seemed to enjoy it. I’ll see what discussion we can get out of it next lesson.

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Taicang Dinner

Taicang Dinner

Got this shot of a dinner at our Kindie.

You can see that we’ve switched to fish here. After the spate of recent poisonings, pigs and bird flu.

This is the government issue meal which looks very delicious.

Fish HeadsThe thing on the left is an apple.

On the right we have a healthy helping of fish heads. These are more tasty than they look. And they do look…. but don’t let that put you off Smile

In China lets get some Chinese food, (except here its just called food):
Do you fancy Sweet and Sour Pork 糖醋里脊?

-but pork is off the menu since 16000 dead pigs washed up in the city’s river.

Okaaaay lets get some Gong Bao Chicken宫保鸡丁?
-erm… about that, Chicken is off too since bird flu killed 20 folk this week.

Fine then, how about Peking Duck 北京烤鸭?
-actually all poultry is out!

Fuck it!
I tried your culture…. it doesn’t suit me.

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Sunday Meal

Sunday Meal

Dora, Jerremy, Robine

With some members of Linestart.

Had been out doing interviews at potential new school contract with the other members of Linestart pictured here.

No bad fish

Jerry, Mary, Joyce, Edshel

This was a kind of fish dish, which you have to very careful not to choke to death on. The bones are sharp and plentiful. I’m not usually tempted by this kind of fish, just because of the bad experiences I’ve had in the past (a lot like women). This time I stayed away also.

Spinning table

We had some other dishes on the rotating table, a pork and peppers with Sichuan sauce, bitter cucumber and egg, green beans and chilli’s, as well as some jasmine tea, rice and a prawn and Sichuan sauce style dish.

It was very much like Sichuan.

Didn’t over eat, and went home to do my lesson plans.

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