Managua – A dream shattered

Managua – A dream shattered

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For those that don’t know, Nicaragua was George Bush snr’s Iraq of sorts.

He pervaded influence in the region sometime in the eightees and things have never been the same since.

When you walk around Managua there is evidence of the beginnings of something, grand structures, wide tree lined boulevards, totems, monuments etc.

When I walked down here I was alone, completely, not a car, not a person in sight.

I imagine this was built as a symbol of the new Nicaragua, a Nicaragua which was never given the chance to develop.

US sponsored terrorism
Unlike Iraq, Nicaragua was a state where the US sponsored terror. Beheadings, ritual rape, food and water poisoning other general nastieness.
The US sponsored Contra Rebels never actually won a fight with the then Government troops and the battle was brought to the people, quite literally.

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