Nanjing Dai pai dang Restuarant

Nanjing Dai pai dang Restuarant

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Situated at the top of the Deji Plaza, the Nanjing Dapaidang Restaurant serves food of the locality.

Dai Pai Dong
Dai Pai Dong Restuarant

It’s said that the restaurant offers street market food in the style of a restaurant. Some people have a thing about street food, i.e., they won’t eat it.
In China, if you don’t eat street food, you’re never going to taste any of the local delicacies.

Luckily, Nanjing has the Dapaidang.

You’re given a ticket at the door, as the queue is quite large, even at 8.20, when I arrived.
They have little benches at the door and pass you a menu so you can be mulling things over as you wait.

The menu is in English.

The service was in English…

Dai Pai Dong
Sweet and Sour Fish, Nanjing Noodles, Doughy Jiaozi, Bean and Sticky dumpling soup.

The food was a sweet and sour river fish (fresh from the Yangtze), Nanjing Noodles, Doughy Jiaozi, and sticky dumpling and bean soup.

This was a delicious meal of four courses which cost me 58 yuan, or £6.


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