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Nanjing Dai pai dang Restuarant

Nanjing Dai pai dang Restuarant

Situated at the top of the Deji Plaza, the Nanjing Dapaidang Restaurant serves food of the locality.

Dai Pai Dong
Dai Pai Dong Restuarant

It’s said that the restaurant offers street market food in the style of a restaurant. Some people have a thing about street food, i.e., they won’t eat it.
In China, if you don’t eat street food, you’re never going to taste any of the local delicacies.

Luckily, Nanjing has the Dapaidang.

You’re given a ticket at the door, as the queue is quite large, even at 8.20, when I arrived.
They have little benches at the door and pass you a menu so you can be mulling things over as you wait.

The menu is in English.

The service was in English…

Dai Pai Dong
Sweet and Sour Fish, Nanjing Noodles, Doughy Jiaozi, Bean and Sticky dumpling soup.

The food was a sweet and sour river fish (fresh from the Yangtze), Nanjing Noodles, Doughy Jiaozi, and sticky dumpling and bean soup.

This was a delicious meal of four courses which cost me 58 yuan, or £6.


Teacher Juicy drinks chicken foot

Teacher Juicy drinks chicken foot

Here is a picture of my Chinese co-teachers tasty brew.

Chickens foot brew

Some might call it a ‘foul infusion’.

The chinese are quite keen with the feet, heads, beaks and bones.

Less  so with the brains, guts and balls.

I think they’d rather suck than chew.

Maybe, walking around with a chicken foot hanging from the mouth gives the impression of opulence.

I’ll ask Juicy…


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Evil patronage is the only patronage

Evil patronage is the only patronage

So. Patients, sorry pupils from Wistron took me out for a meal on Thursday after finishing their course the week before at the Parkson hotel – Kunshan.

Nice group of people. I’m pretty sure Wistron is the best factory around, and they’re pretty lucky to have a job there.
All good people…
Sounding familiar?

Nope. Yeah. Doesn’t matter?

Lost soul

Anyhow. Found this maggot in my au deurve. I was just explaining the differences between the foreign deserts. I looked down and saw this small movement. As I bent over to look closer, in my summer fruit flan I spotted I small, (very small), maggot, perched between an apple slice and a glacé cherry waving it’s head around (in that way that maggots do).

It was very small, but it was enough to gain the attention of my Chinese colleagues.

Parkson Kunshan
Summer anybody?

The maggot was soon a star! The whole restaurant had gathered round the maggot, people snapping it with their phones, jostling closer to get a better look… Laughing, smiling.

The restaurant owner arrived. I told her the maggot wasn’t really welcome, and although I wouldn’t mind eating it, (because it was so small), I didn’t feel that was appropriate behavior in a restaurant of this stature, (did she expect me to eat it? I don’t know).

She made off with the maggot and my puddings, which I was a bit disappointed about.

Soon she returned, and as we were leaving said “I’m very, very sorry about your food. I’d like to give you this bottle of wine”, looked kind of cheap, but Jacobs Creek in China is £11 and this was an Argentinean White. After perusal and consideration, careful consultation with colleagues, we kind of agreed that this was OK for me.

Organiser of the meal, Eric, was still not totally happy.

But I left it there.

Dire maggot

Wine tastes great. And I’d like to thank all the wild beasts of the world for providing it for me.

Osado Chardonnay
Osado Chardonnay

Should have a maggot on the label.
I know under normal circumstances, I would’ve eaten it, but that was inappropriate. So hey.

Favorite drink in China

Favorite drink in China

It’s called ‘jinjiu’ and it tastes like cough medicine.


Wouldn’t want to get too drunk on it.
It’s fairly potent on the way down not like I’d want it to return in the other direction.
That would be uncomfortable.

It’s not available anywhere else and is an infusion of Chinese herbs and alcohol.

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